Obici property presents an opportunity

Published 10:08 pm Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To the editor:

Louise Obici Memorial Hospital no longer exists. The property on which the hospital stood, however, does still exist. Donated by Amedeo Obici, inarguably the greatest single individual benefactor to Suffolk and its citizens to date, this tract is under siege.

An opportunity to preserve this property as a lasting monument to this couple lies at our doorstep. It is the last remaining tract of such a size and location in the old city, and it has infinite possibilities.

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In these days of instant gratification, resisting the impulse to build yet another piecemeal development of rental units in a questionable economic environment is difficult. Resisting the creation of yet another strip mall along North Main Street should not even be debatable.

It is my hope that the city officials will not rush to a decision. With patience, creativity, common sense and foresight, this property could become one of the greatest assets in the city.

Carol Lynne Shotton