Land transfers for Feb. 6-19

Published 8:23 pm Saturday, February 21, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Feb. 6-19

Brian A. Mitchell to Lashonda N. Newsome; 2522 Whaleyville Blvd.; $26,000

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Leandrey S. Mason to Brad K. Spafford; 1556 Carolina Road; $92,200

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Keith R. Johnston Jr.; 5019 Kings Grant Circle; $247,390

Surety Trustees LLC, trustee, to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 1006 Hillpoint Road; $282,600

Kevin L. Hubbard, special commissioner, to Randall D. Rogerson; 1000 Longstreet Lane; $79,850

Walter Scott Hodges to Christopher W. Hodges; 5065 Bay Circle; $320,000

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia, trustee, to D&B Properties Inc.; 2807 Lake Cohoon Point; $425,600

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Christian William Kirsch Jr.; 155 Horseback Lane; $320,800

Larry Wayne Eure to Kimberley D. Lanthorn; 914 Carolina Road; $160,000

Cornerstone Investment Funding LLC to CR Properties 2015 LLC; 135 Church St.; $8,000

Kelly Fernanders to Tidewater Custom Modular Homes Inc.; 1.1 acres in Sleepy Hole; $62,400

Patrick E. St. Germain to Flagstar Bank FSB; 105 Cantor St.; $303,262.52

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jesse E. Mathews Jr.; 2772 Manning Road; $305,200

Craig S. Clark to REM Holdings LLC; 3056 Kings Highway; $41,400

Scott A. Barnes to Elizabeth Rensch; 308 Bosley Ave.; $172,200

Port Center LLC to Bradley E. McNamar; 7.79 acres on Sleepy Hole Road; $108,000

Doris H. Jackson to Harry L. Duplain; 203 Beechwood Road; $171,000

Virginia Housing Development Authority to Jeffrey L. Sawyer; 178 Majestic Drive; $126,500

John S. Alman, trustee, to Brian Newbern Sr.; lot in Nansemond Shores Sleepy Hole; $63,300

Timothy S. Speak to Christopher Ryan Rose; 976 Five Mile Road; $775,000

Sarah R. Rodger to Cozell Newsome; 225 Wexford Drive; $121,200

Godwin Place LLC to Good Partners LLC; Kensington Square; $1,521,900

Charles A. Slye Jr. to Marc A. Kennedy; 112 Carriage House Drive; $368,000

Fannie Mae to Lora Hunter; 203 N. Fourth St.; $64,300

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Sharlene S. Weeks; 106 Willow St.; $4,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Anthony Claud; 273 Holladay St.; $3,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Anthony Claud; 273 Holladay St.; $1,600

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Ronald Richards; lots 119-123 on Lee Street; $15,500

Pamela B. Cornelius, trustee, to Marcelino Romero III; 201 Round Table Arch; $235,300

Clarence A. Taylor, by special commissioner, to Sharlene S. Weeks; 2121 Kentucky Ave.; $4,100

Louise Riddick, by special commissioner, to James H. Durden Jr.; lot in Saratoga; $3,250

Alburdea Wright Jr., by special commissioner, to Mission Transportation LLC: 804 Brook Ave.; $2,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Honey-Bridge Inc.; lot on Second Avenue; $2,600

Donald Lee Johnson, by special commissioner, to Manning Road Trust 623; 1264 Carolina Road; $30,000

Suffolk Property Development LLC, by special commissioner, to Ronald Richards; 211 Columbus Ave.; $2,000

Charles D. Investment Properties LLC to Maurice Evan Bynum; 141 County St.; $96,700

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Christopher A. Nixon; 7119 Arrington St.; $260,910

Commonwealth Trustees LLC, trustee, to US Bank Trust NA, trustee; 3404 Dumpling Court; $457,400

Wittstadt Title & Escrow Company LLC, trustee, to Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2013-TT2; 2530 Whaleyville Blvd.; $225,000

Hampton Roads Holding Co. LLC to Marius Yao Agbam; 2527 Milum Lane; $290,000

Shana Deans to Wells Fargo Financial System Virginia Inc.; 150 Majestic Drive; $141,000

Fannie Mae to Sandra D. Wiggins-Hall; 8441 New Road; $126,200

Corey T. Brown to Matthew J. Wilson; 2402 Alder Place; $299,900

Roy David Bender to Laura F. Artis; 3001 West Driver Station Way; $258,500

Cameron Van Buskirk to Robert L. Robinson; 206 Golden Sunset Lane; $299,000

Jimmie Lee Harrell to Clarence Hudson Harrell Jr.; 829 Mayflower Drive; $153,400

Antonio Julius Simmons to Victor Z. Downing; 1673 Faulk Road; $165,000

SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to Bruce Collins; 2805 N. Nansemond Drive; $148,200

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Lee Anne N. Willoughby; 3532 Robs Drive; $307,300

Edith W. Munson to Jonie N. Mansfield; 1721 Kings Highway; $223,250

Madelyn Doyle Howell, by attorney-in-fact, to Jack C. Knight Jr.; 123 Longwood Ave.; $275,000

ACS Fairgrounds LLC to Joshua D. Dudley; 1135 Fairgrounds Lane; $184,900