Grand jury indicts 47

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Defendants in several notable court cases were among the 47 defendants indicted on 128 charges by the grand jury when it met on March 4.

Toby Underhill was indicted on three counts each of statutory burglary, grand larceny, destruction of property, conspiracy to commit larceny and conspiracy to commit statutory burglary.

He was the final of five arrestees in October vandalisms of Suffolk Youth Athletic Association and Sleepy Hole Golf Course to be indicted.

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At Suffolk Youth Athletic Association, doors were kicked in, a safe with at least $750 was stolen, sports gear was stolen and supplies were strewn outside, among other damages. Damage at Sleepy Hole Golf Course totaled more than $100,000 and included broken glass doors, a flooded floor in the snack bar, damage to pro shop merchandise and damage to the course caused by golf carts driven recklessly around the course.

Blane Sebastian Washington Jr., Aaron M. Underhill, Noah C. Rivera and Stephanie Marie Drames already have been indicted.

In a separate case, Lakeith Pierre Arrington, 22, was indicted on seven charges related to a report that he molested a female victim under the age of 13. The report happened on Sept. 7.

In yet another case, Johnnie M. Hinton, 55, was indicted on charges related to a Nov. 8 stabbing that took place in the 200 block of Cedar Street. The 25-year-old male victim had multiple stab wounds to the torso, but they were not life-threatening.

In a fourth case, a woman named Pauline Crocker Austin was indicted on charges of reckless driving, involuntary manslaughter by vehicle and failure to give turn signal in connection with a fatal crash Dec. 12 on Pruden Boulevard.

The full grand jury report is below.

  • Chiquita Monique Adams — utter counterfeit bills (8 counts); embezzlement
  • Lakeith Pierre Arrington — aggravated sexual battery, victim under 13; abduction with intent to defile (2 counts); sexual battery (2 counts); aggravated sexual battery by incapacitation; attempted object sexual penetration
  • Travis Terrill Artis — domestic assault and battery, third offense
  • Pauline Crocker Austin — reckless driving; involuntary manslaughter; failure to give turn signal
  • Leatha Ann Ballard — concealment, third or subsequent offense
  • Rickey Lee Barham — third offense concealment
  • Karlton Lamond Boone Jr. — distribution of cocaine (2 counts); conspiracy to distribute cocaine (2 counts)
  • Richard Brock Jr. — possession of cocaine; possession of heroin
  • Annette Faulk Brown — larceny by worthless check (3 counts)
  • Corey Cromwell — grand larceny; conspiracy to commit grand larceny; statutory burglary; possession of burglary tools; larceny with intent to sell
  • Richard Ashley Cutchins — embezzlement more than $200 (2 counts)
  • Antron Cutler — grand larceny
  • Joseph Christopher Dailey — possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, less than ½ ounce
  • Robert O’Neil Davis — false statement on criminal history (2 counts); possession of firearm by nonviolent felon (2 counts)
  • Zachery Alexander Davis — possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, more than ½ ounce but less than 5 pounds; conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute
  • Linwood Allen Gibbs — grand larceny; third offense larceny
  • Gregory W. Gilmore Jr. — failure to return bailed property
  • Kevin Orlando Goodman — possession of heroin
  • Charles Matthew Hall Jr. — third offense larceny (2 counts)
  • Helen Clarissa Harris — grand larceny
  • Johnnie McArthur Hinton — malicious wounding; shoot/stab in commission of a felony; statutory burglary while armed
  • Calvin Donnell Jennings — robbery; abduction
  • William Ernest Jones Jr. — obtain money by false pretenses (3 counts); grand larceny (4 counts)
  • Sade Joyner — threaten to bomb/burn; threat in writing (2 counts)
  • Jordan Alexander Lloyd — failure to return bailed property
  • Michael D. Madison — grand larceny; larceny with intent to sell; obtain money by false pretenses
  • James Roosevelt McCrea — possess firearm by nonviolent felon; possess ammunition by convicted felon
  • Wayne Ryan McKelvin — credit card theft; credit card fraud; credit card uttering; identity theft
  • Travis Alonzo McKinney — fraud conversion leased property
  • Terry Diane Mrnak — conspiracy to commit larceny; construction fraud
  • John Taylor Munday — possession of heroin
  • Jodie Lin Parker — forge public records; utter forged public records; identity theft second offense
  • Nicole Janice Porter — grand larceny; larceny with intent to sell (2 counts); obtain money by false pretenses (3 counts)
  • David Paul Rice — abduction
  • Domonic Ricks — solicit prostitution
  • Amber Lyvonne Salmon — embezzlement more than $200
  • Latron Ambrose Simpson — drive while intoxicated, fourth or subsequent offense within 10 years
  • Keith Lamonte Spence — domestic assault and battery
  • David Michael Szymanski — conspiracy to commit larceny; construction fraud
  • Carl Lemuel Thorpe — possession of Schedule I/II drug with intent to distribute; nonviolent felon possess firearm; possess firearm while possessing drugs
  • Toby Dean Underhill — statutory burglary (3 counts); conspiracy to commit statutory burglary (3 counts); grand larceny (3 counts); conspiracy to commit larceny (3 counts); destruction of property (3 counts)
  • Willie D. Vaughan — statutory burglary; grand larceny
  • Jennifer Lee Walker — defraud innkeeper
  • Michael Allen Walker — defraud innkeeper
  • Calvin Lee White — grand larceny; conspiracy to commit grand larceny; nonviolent felon possess gun
  • Dominique Patrice White — possession of cocaine (2 counts); manufacture Schedule I or II controlled substance; conspiracy to manufacture controlled substance
  • Christa Jonna Wolford — grand larceny