Grateful for dedication

Published 9:10 pm Friday, March 13, 2015

Most folks outside of the law enforcement community know it’s a dangerous profession, but they probably think so mostly because of the small percentage of people who have no compunction about killing another person, especially if that person is a law enforcement officer.

But that fact is that, in most years, the majority of law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty do so not because of being shot, stabbed or otherwise assaulted, but because of other means: vehicle accidents, heart attacks, falls, fires, duty-related illness, drownings, electrocutions, heat exhaustion, attacks by animals, explosions, the severe weather they must endure while doing their jobs, and all manner of other potential causes.

For every officer killed, whatever the cause, many more are injured in the line of duty. Such was the case with a Suffolk sheriff’s deputy on Thursday.

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Although the primary duty of responding to and investigating auto accidents in Suffolk rests with the police department, the sheriff’s deputy who was injured Thursday did not turn away when he was one of the first people to come across a wreck on Carolina Road at the foot of the Southwest Suffolk Bypass.

In trying to assist the injured woman and her infant child, the deputy was hurt when the vehicle struck him as it rolled down the embankment.

We were glad to hear on Friday that everyone involved is recovering from his or her injuries, which were not deemed life-threatening.

We’re grateful for the consistent dedication of law enforcement officers everywhere, but especially in Suffolk, who don’t turn from danger of any type when they see a person who needs to be assisted or a crime that needs to be investigated.

Our prayers for a speedy recovery are extended to all involved.