School should have become recreation center

Published 7:47 pm Monday, March 23, 2015

To the editor:

I grew up in Zuni, and I attended pre-kindergarten at Ivor Elementary School in Southampton County.

At Ivor Elementary, I developed some of the critical skills of learning, such as how to read and write, recognize colors and understand numbers. Throughout the school year, I discovered many of the different things and activities that I liked and disliked, and I made several friends in the process.

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After the school year was over, Ivor Elementary was going to be closed, because a new school, Nottoway Elementary School, had been built and had opened in 2001.

Southampton County students from Ivor, Sedley and Courtland attend Nottoway Elementary School.

But since Nottoway opened and successfully began passing students from one grade to the next, what should have happened to the old Ivor Elementary School building?

The county should have restored the building for a recreation center for children within the community, much as it did at Courtland Elementary School. Courtland Elementary was later remodeled for a Head Start program.

By tearing down Ivor Elementary, the county missed the opportunity to help and support the community.

Hope is not lost in the idea of giving Ivor a recreation center. Clearing the land and building an establishment would enhance growth in the community. Job opportunities or internships could be opened for those who wish to seek education as a career choice.

Children in the community would receive extra help with their schoolwork and would have a place to go after school for the convenience of parents. There could even be a chance for summer programs.

I hope the idea grabs the attention of someone on the Southampton County Board of Supervisors and gets them to consider a recreation center or something beneficial to the community.

Kela’ Turner