Obici property should generate taxes

Published 9:14 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2015

To the editor:

There has been much concern about the Obici parcel, located on North Main Street where the old Louise Obici Memorial Hospital once stood.

This was a big issue when I was on the City Council. But with all the different ideas that had been presented by council members and city management, no formal decision was ever made.

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During all this time, the city has lost a large sum of money by not accomplishing anything.

What should be done with the huge open area?

If it is made into a large city park with walkways, tennis courts, horseshoes and areas for other outside activities like softball, football and other activities, it would result in a large expense for the city.

My opinion is that it should be developed for retail, inside entertainment and residential use. This type of use would bring in more people and also would bring in additional tax revenue that could be used for schools, roads and public utilities.

W. Rufus Powell

Suffolk City Council (1998-2002)