‘Weeping Obici’ statue would be appropriate

Published 9:32 pm Thursday, April 9, 2015

To the editor:

How generous of Kevin Hughes to respond to the public outcry for an Obici park by considering the placement of a monument to Amedeo and Louise Obici as “a nice amenity” on 13,000 square feet of land bordering North Main Street.

Picture a statue of Amedeo and Louise Obici weeping together over the destruction of a landscape that embodied their vision for a healing and restorative space for all the citizens of Suffolk.

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Visualize this pitiful sight after the bulldozers have plowed through, and the beautiful old trees are gone. Imagine the insult of placing the couple’s likeness at the entrance of an apartment complex, to which an ever-growing number of Suffolk’s citizens have voiced their strong objections.

It should be enough to make us all cry.

Citizens are asking for a community park on a site that is 27 acres and are offered a proposed “green space” on a piece of real estate, the sum total of which is less than half the size of a football field.

That’s 13,000 whopping square feet of green space out of 1,176,120 square feet of land? That’s 38 yards on a side. There are probably some homes in Suffolk that have drapes with more yardage than that.  This is what we are told “will be a nice amenity.”

The apartments and strip mall would get the other 1,163,000 square feet. That’s generosity for you!

Susan and Biff Andrews