Do the right thing for Obici

Published 10:10 pm Friday, April 24, 2015

To the editor:

This year I’ll be celebrating with my class as an Obici Registered Nurse for 60 years. It makes us humble and proud that we were educated on the “hallowed grounds” of the much-talked-about Obici property.

Before entering the Louise Obici School of Nursing in 1952, we really didn’t think much about what this marvelous opportunity would mean to us. Today, I can say it was THE greatest thing other than having a husband and a family that I can think of.

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So now, after all these years, Suffolk has the chance to honor the man, Amedeo Obici, who made so much possible for so many. I beg the “powers that be” to do the right thing regarding the Obici property.

Betty B. Brinkley, R.N.