April 24-30 land transfers

Published 8:12 pm Saturday, May 2, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


April 24-30

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Fannie Mae to David Lotz; 1112 Blythewood Lane; $91,500


Stepheanie L. Williams to Josue Zarate; 3502 Farrier Cove; $225,500


Michael C. Hotte to Joshua Rowles; 1824 Oyster Bay Lane; $190,000


Thomas E. Lynch to Marvin D. Winslow; 404 S. Main St.; $15,000


Cameron J. Hubly to Ashely Jean Horne; 309 Millstone Court; $181,200


The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Homes by Ray LLC; 4428 Marlin Ave.; $161,500


Belle Harbour Duplexes LLC to Joseph E. Wafford; 3732 Pear Orchard Way; $229,000


Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Siddharth Khanna; 4109 River Park Drive; $650,000


D&B Properties Inc. to Matthew F. Kiser; 314 Peachwood Court; $245,000


Erik H. Harwell to Maynard Elwood Stowe; 2863 Carolina Road; $123,000


Dwight D. Jefferson to Randall Hines; 1301 Pheasant Circle; $268,900


Ainslie Group Inc. to Kenneth J. Ryan; 4011 Harvest Reach Lane; $372,258


Terry L. Barden to Heather A. Morrill; 10545 Camp Pond Road; $117,500


Jessie M. Bryant to Charlie Jackson; 917 Truman Road; $130,900


Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2873 N. Shore Drive; $175,174


JRW Enterprises to Jaseem Abdul; 209 Central Ave.; $89,800


Jacob Black to Shawn P. Diehl; 6041 Mainsail Lane; $283,000


Daniels Construction Company to Michele Roberts; 2517 Milum Lane; $248,000


Edythe O. Reid to Clifton S. Hunter; 3616 Manning Road; $119,800


The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Tiffany Nicole Sleets; 339 Goodman St.; $110,200


Justin B. Bailey to Tiffany S. Odum; 903 Teton Circle; $174,000


Sheila Brown to Dana R. Pidgeon; no description given; $99,200


D&B Properties Inc. to Amanda Brooke Tavares; 1187 C St.; $244,900


Bobby J. Kilpatrick to Wesley King; 5100 Hoffler St.; $205,000