Land transfers for May 1-7

Published 8:30 pm Friday, May 8, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 1-7

Cynthia H. Skinner to Andrew G. Davis; Shoulders Hill Road; $50,000

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Navy Federal Credit Union to Jarrs Properties Inc.; 206 N. Fourth St.; $104,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Sean M. Maconaghy; 842 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $270,985

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Dana A. Green; 931-A Vineyard Place; $218,568

Sean C. McCormick to Stephen M. Deaver; 3106 Caroline Crescent; $288,000

CTW Properties LLC to Susan Y. Walter; 143 Brewer Ave.; $150,000

Charles Faulk to James F. Russell; 2333 Pruden Blvd.; $354,800

Malik L. Favours to Benjamin E. Lund; 6214 Calvert Court; $274,500

Turin J. Pollard to Kyle S. Massig; 3010 Newbury Court; $272,900

Sasser Construction to William D. Browder; 3210 Stone Harbour Court; $661,561

Tommy E. Gaskins to Aaron C. Schwartz; 141 Mallard Drive; $169,900

HSBC Bank USA to Tajis LLC; 612 Kinsey Lane; $40,000

One Eleven W. Washington Street LLC to 147 W. Washington Street LLC; 111 W. Washington St.; $5,000

Edward G. Fairchild to Kenneth L. Stallard; 1006 Lakeside Court; $153,500

Jeffrey L. Krzemien to Stephen G. Keller; 211 Linden Ave.; $290,000

Mortgage Equity Conversation Assets to Robert Babb; 113 Maury Place; $165,900

Gennette Rutherford Huber to James C. Prohaska; 960 Greenway Road; $695,000

Douglas G. Haney to Stephen G. Allen; 2004 Patrick Drive; $310,000

Tracy L. Davis to Edward D. Alexander; 203 River Inlet Way; $326,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Tamara L. Clore; 2150 Redgate Drive; $300,440

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Anthony Cissell; 102 Rockland Terrace; $225,100

Streamco Property Resolutions to Polaris One LLC; 130 Commerce St.; $90,000

James C. Lanier to Johnny J. Garcia; 244 Wentworth Court; $419,700

KKRT LC to Stacey J. Schlosser; 115 Pelican Reach; $500,000

Thomas J. Hyatt to Don E. Hinchey; 107 Rosewood Drive; $147,900

James C. Whitley to Bradley J. Adams; 3024 Catalina Ave.; $189,700

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Thomas McHenry; 933-B Vineyard Place; $237,395

Krissie M. Whiteside to Michael A. Hudson; 1635 Airport Road; $220,000

BBBS Holdings LLC to James N. Smith; 1107 Fern Lane; $279,900

Brothers’ Rental Properties LLC to B.C. Branch Real Estate LLC; First Avenue; $9,250

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael R. Guthrie; 108 Rochdale Lane; $261,700

Bryan D. Washington to John H. Ferreira; 1277 Freeman Mill Road; $675,200

Gary W. Dalton to Jeffrey C. Keipe; 107 Birdie Drive; $343,900

George J. Phillips to Georgia E. Lynch; 4004 Gunston Drive; $194,700

Robert Avila to Gwendolyn J. Anderson; 6129 Brookwood Drive Unit A; $79,990

James E. Owens to David Haeberle; 100 Dana Drive; $225,000

Thomas M. Baillargeon to Carlos A. Rodriguez; 144 Graystone Trace; $223,000

Margaret A. Cochrane to Bonnie J. Messinger; 2004 Nicklaus Drive; $235,000

Joyce R. Layden to Elese J. Massner-Price; 4549 Deer Forest Road; $161,400

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jimmie Foss; 1026 Snead Drive; $235,900

TerryPeterson Investment Thirty to GGT Hampton Roads VA Venture; 1015 University Blvd.; $161,003.34

US Bank to Cary Simpson; 122 Roberts Court; $110,000

Mary Christie to Keith D. Hoffler; 2418 Alder Place; $175,750

Jason Bennett to Trenita M. Cherry; 628 Adkins Circle; $124,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Talain K. Carpenter; 943-B Vineyard Place; $220,255

John Beaton to Dennis A. Quinn; 3344 Nansemond River Drive; $355,000

Patrick M. Phipps to Edward G. Bennett; 6506 Holland Road; $238,000

Jesse H. Nance to Daniel P. Ellis; $164,100

Thomas Mickens to James H. Durden; 218 Webb St.; $17,500

Sara A. Heuberger to Sarah M. Rourke; 100 Stumpy Lake; $363,700

Parker Crossing LLC to Andra D. Coleman; 2865 Cross Landing; $249,900

Roger B. Fanney to William B. Wheeler; 1229 River Road; $283,400

Matthew C. Dever to Christina A. Schmunk; 5102 Mariners Cove; $489,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Allison McCormick; 780-B Bennetts Meadow Lane; $222,000

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 4021 Michael Drive; $170,700

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to John E. Greene; 6209 Pelican View Court; $193,600

D&B Properties Inc. to Skylar Donn Sickles; 6729 Whitewood St.; $204,600

Veracity Real Estate Investors LLC to Nicholas Farris; 208 St. James Ave.; $167,000

Minnie T. Eley to James H. Durden; 703 Brook Ave.; $12,500