City manager’s last check: $239,696.38

Published 11:45 pm Thursday, May 21, 2015

Former City Manager Selena Cuffee-Glenn will get a nice chunk of change when the city pays her for her accrued annual leave.

Cuffee-Glenn, who worked for the city for 10 years, had accrued 2,700.5 hours of annual leave, or about 337 days. With an $88.76 hourly rate of pay, that means her annual leave paycheck will total $239,696.38.

Of course, Cuffee-Glenn will never see most of that money, thanks to Uncle Sam. After taxes and other deductions — including more than $79,700 in federal taxes — the net pay is “only” $129,004.08.

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According to a document provided by city spokeswoman Diana Klink, Cuffee-Glenn was accumulating annual leave at the rate of four days per month, which City Council hiked from three days per month after a 2009 performance review.

Most other city employees accrue between one and two days per month, depending on how long they have been with the city. The maximum accumulation for them is between 24 and 48 days, again depending on their length of service.

Fire personnel accumulate annual leave at a different rate and have different maximums.

The city manager, however, had no maximum.

“It is recognized by the City Council that, because of the complexity of the position of City Manager, it is difficult to utilize all annual leave that may be accrued within specified time frames,” reads the 2009 agreement between the city and the city manager. “Therefore, it is mutually understood that the maximum accrual of annual leave by the city manager shall not be limited.”