Land transfers for May 15-21

Published 6:15 pm Saturday, May 23, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


May 15-21

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Perry Y. Duke to City of Suffolk; .28 acres on Raleigh Drive; $33,000


John E. Boebinger to George Boykins; 208 Raleigh Drive; $41,000


Lloyd W. Shildt to Jack A. Smith; 305 S. Broad St.; $249,900


Daniel P. Guild to Kenneth Craig Phelps; 1352 River Road; $346,700


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Charles K. Okleshen; 5083 Kings Grant Circle; $255,180


Fannie Mae to Sandra E. Beamon; 106 Park Road; $141,300


Dallas N. Bunch to William Abbott; 1525 Forest Glen Circle; $139,100


John E. Pearl to Adrianna N. Noring; 5120 Keswick Court; $370,000


James M. Margaritis to Benny Alejandro Hernandez; 2542 Queens Point Drive Unit 170; $254,000


Sergey I. Solodyankin to Orville H. Morris; 3006 Gunston Drive; $186,100


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Tulsi R. Rizal; 5016 Kings Grant Circle; $247,805


Parker Crossing LLC to Leah A. Trossen; 2731 River Watch Drive; $370,515


Parker Crossing LLC to Shantai C. Ellerbe; 2857 Cross Landing Drive; $297,900


Sabadell United Bank to Cedrick DeMoore Linzy; 121 Birdie Drive; $329,900


Ernesto Muniz-Tirado to Lindsey N. Draper; 3604 Traverse Circle; $220,800


Matthew R. Finch to Craig M. Batten; 3013 Providence Road; $190,000


Theresa Mulqueen Skeeter to W. Wesley Holt; 849 Manning Road; $95,000


Jencar to Matthew K. Tacoronte; 213 N. Seventh St.; $73,600


Pattie L. Friend to Ernest Vaughan; 4400 Anderson Ave.; $185,400


Angelique J. Ragland to Greenway Farms Limited; 3569 Desert Road; $68,500


Pigeon Hill Farm Company to Greenway Farms Limited; 216.04 acres; $448,300


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1129 Proctor St.; $166,000


Napolitano VII LLC to Sarah E. Brown; 251 Purple Martin Lane; $412,185


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Holly Marie Morales; 125 Tucker Drive; $357,145


Sherry Lee Gibbs to Roger F. Fanney; 2609 N. Nansemond Drive; $225,800


A Thomas Holdings LLC to Carl Sweat; 604Turlington Road; $159,900


Scott W. Ehrich to Rodney F. Boyd; 316 Baron Blvd.; $265,000


Corey M. Baxter to Brad A. West; 6389 Old Townpoint Road; $190,000


Joseph M. Dechant to Kyle G. Duffy; 1003 Buoy Court; $159,900


Matthew L. Brooks to Dale Bryant; 119 Kristen Lane; $175,000


Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Carlesi Construction Inc.; lot 25 Summerhouse Drive; $136,500


John Yarborough to Zachery D. Treece; 4436 Marlin Ave.; $204,900


Frank M. Rawls to June Ann Reid; 150 Sack Point Road; $246,400


Herons Point LLC to Marleigh Painting and Construction; 1126 White Herons Lane; $96,600


Herons Point LLC to Marleigh Painting and Construction; 3115 Ibis Blvd.; $99,900


Rachele Hirsch to William C. Blalock; 136 Ashford Drive; $221,000


Hampton Roads Holding Company LLC to Billie R. Grant; 4625 Camellia Drive; $200,000


Virginia Housing Development Authority to Tamikka N. Benson; 309 N. Fourth St.; $112,400


R. Percy Pierce to Carlton J. Lane; Pitchkettle Road; $183,200


Corliss Artis to Liberty Springs Real Estate LLC; 605 Pitchkettle Road; $18,000


Deborah Y. Powell to Boulos I. Stephan; 220 North St.; $10,000


Suffolk Property Development LLC to Big Mix LLC; 207 Cedar St.; $3,500


Suffolk Property Development LLC to Larry Williams; 116 Raleigh Ave.; $5,250


Suffolk Property Development LLC to LW’s Lawn Service LLC; lot 27 at Duke Street in Pleasant Hill; $2,500


Lance Carmine to Federal National Mortgage Association; 302 Bank St.; $298,717.31