Newspaper contributes to community dialogue

Published 9:32 pm Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To the editor:

I applaud the Suffolk News-Herald for covering events that paint a vivid picture of the complicated past of our city.

With a sense of place and historical context, we are provided a window through which to view the actions of humble yet brave individuals such as the late Ollie Taylor (“Suffolk pioneer mourned,” June 17, 2015) and to understand why history is very much a living thing.

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It can be difficult at times to scratch beneath the surface to reveal much that is unsavory, but it is necessary. We are lucky to have this civic space to continue this dialogue that is ever so necessary if we are to achieve a more perfect union and to deal with the challenges of our times.

A local paper that devotes prominent space to cover these types of stories and the individuals behind them is a cherished asset.

This story along with the recent stories on the little girl who is supplying blankets to the homeless and the civic league in Chuckatuck that is seeking a playground for its children are excellent examples of why I look forward to the print and online versions of the Suffolk News-Herald.

Keep up the good work!

Regina Brayboy