Putting ‘community’ into the community newspaper

Published 9:55 pm Friday, June 19, 2015

To the editor:

A recent email got me thinking about what I like about my local community newspaper, the Suffolk News-Herald, and why we need a community newspaper. Yes, it’s free, but it’s worth your attention, even if you didn’t pay for it, and I’ll tell you why.

The SNH is a watchdog for any local political sleight of hand. They send one of their stellar young journalists to all those boring city council meetings you don’t want to attend. You get to read about all the political fireworks in your pajamas the next morning, without actually having suffered through any of it.

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The SNH is a voice through which the people of Suffolk are heard. The folks involved in protecting the Obici property from commercial development may not have gotten the outcome they wanted, but their voices were heard loud and clear, and mainly through the SNH.

The Suffolk News-Herald cares about local environmental issues. There are always articles about what’s going on in the Dismal Swamp or Lone Star Lakes or what the master naturalists or master gardeners are doing or what’s going on right in your own backyard.

I sure hope you got this month’s Suffolk Living magazine and saw the beautiful stories about our rivers and lakes and all things delicious from the water, like our local crabs.

They care about your health and ways to live your best life in Suffolk, by highlighting organizations like the Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community or the goings on at the East Suffolk community center, or Parks and Recreation or the community gardens.

They give more than a little free press when covering your community activities or those of your church or civic organization. It’s the good stuff you never hear about on the local infotainment stations, the stuff you can’t put a price on.

We live with the constant bombardment of stab, slash, and burn and manufactured hysteria that takes its toll on our collective psyche by desensitizing us to the condition of our fellow human beings every time we turn on the news.

It is just plain refreshing to hear what the gentle folk of Suffolk are up to. Sure, we have some bad stuff, but for the most part we are a civilized people who work, play and pray and quietly go about doing good things in our community. We are caring and concerned about our neighbors and our neighborhoods.

So, while you are reading about what your neighbors are up to, read some of those ads, too. It will help you learn where your neighborhood business are so you can shop locally and keep some of your money right here in Suffolk doing good in your own community.

These businesses are your neighbors, and support the newspaper that supports our community by telling us all about the good stuff.

Thank you Suffolk News-Herald for giving us some good news — and a little peace and quiet.

Susan Andrews