A new puppy in the house

Published 10:18 pm Monday, June 29, 2015

By Chris Quilpa

In my 32 years of living in the United States, I have, for the first time, a new puppy, and I’m so very happy to have him in my family.

Frankly, I never really thought much about having a dog. But that changed when a friend of my sister-in-law, Rose, dropped by my house one recent afternoon. Tee, Rose’s friend, mentioned having a number of puppies and older dogs in her townhouse.

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She was very persuasive. She even called me, “Uncle,” when she learned that I’d retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of honorable service.

I finally decided to see her last puppy.

At her townhouse, Tee handed me a wiggly, brown, cute puppy, a mixed-breed of Chihuahua (mother) and a Yorkie (dad). He’s less than two months old, she said. We had a connection right off the bat! He was that cuddly and sweet. So adorable!

After the deal was done and some information about him provided, we headed to PetSmart, where we bought Puppy’s bed, food, collar, leash, and some toys. We were the last customers around, because we had so many questions about keeping a dog in the house.

Thanks to the employees, especially to Dan and Sarah, also pet trainers at PetSmart in North Suffolk, for their help and useful information they shared us.

Now, the bonding and responsibility have begun. So far, so good. Puppy and I are getting along, and we’re both learning from each other, while adjusting to this new adventure.

He’s such a blessing. We have had several walks around the yard, front and back, and quality playtime on our wooden deck. It’s fascinating how a small puppy can make a difference in one’s life. I consider him a pain reliever, truly a godsend.

He’s such a baby, helpless and hapless, needing care and attention, and I imagine I’ll pamper him.

Puppy is now the apple of our eyes at home. He gives me company and he keeps me busy attending to him. As a young dog, he needs all the help he can get as he continues to adjust to his new home and owner. I am thankful we have wireless Internet so I can do some research about how to care for him as he grows up.

Dogs are man’s best friend, they say. They’re also intelligent. With proper training, they follow commands, do amazing tricks and help solve crimes.

This summer will undoubtedly be a memorable and enjoyable one for me because of the arrival of Puppy in my family.

Time to go outside with Puppy. See you guys later.

Chris A. Quilpa, a retired U.S. Navy veteran, lives in Suffolk. Email him at chris.a.quilpa@gmail.com.