Land Transfers for June 19 – July 1

Published 4:54 pm Saturday, July 4, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


June 19 to July 1

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Vinbilken LLC to Jillian Gorgei; 211 Causey Ave.; $124,900


Jeffrey Scott Currier to Oswaldo X. Bonilla; 6232 Burbage Acres Drive; $315,000


Goodman Developers Inc. to Cecil D. Augustin; 618 Cedar St. Ext.; $146,500


CitiGroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. to Tay N. Huynh; 1002 Windward Lane; $355,000


Michael E. Graham to Abraham Diaz; 5752 Burbage Lake Circle; $265,000


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Clarissa Hoskins; 1009 Meadows Reach Circle; $261,500


Curtis R. Milteer to Anthony W. Milteer; 1558 Airport Road; $10


William Irving Franklin to William I. Franklin; 1424 Planters Drive; $100,000


Klebanoff Family Partnership LP to Benjamin E. Anderson; 3526 Robs Drive; $237,500


Adam X. Zanniini to Kevin Burkes; 6801 Netherland Drive; $240,000


Raymond t. Jernigan to Charles S. Crawford; 1007 Delaware Ave.; $218,300


Laura L. Mizelle to Diana J. Johnson; 124 River Point Drive; $114,200


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Jason Michael Williams; 5052 Kings Grant Circle; $254,025


Current Homes LLC to Samuel Nazario; 518 Kemp Landing; $228,000


Bank of America to SNB Homes LLC; 305 Ash Wood Drive; $227,900


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Todd D. Farrell; 103 Hamilton Court; $319,500


BSJ LLC to Katherine R. Carson; 133 Torrington Circle; $430,000


Elizabeth Building and Loan Association to Richard M. Copeland; 1908 E. Washington St.; $20,000


Herons Point LLC to Cleveland L. Johnson; 3111 Ibis Blvd.; $379,900


Gale M. Covington to Daniel Opipare; 7015 Porthole Place; $310,000


Berle Real Estate to Southmark LLC; 6501 Townpoint Road; $1,350,000


Scott Edward Eastman to Martin R. Nowack; 6028 Steeplechase Lane; $254,400


Sandra J. Gardner to Zann Lewter; 1104 Blythewood Lane; $121,000


Michael B. Shaw to Lauren N. Wilson; 1521 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $315,000


Sadler Building Corporation to Timothy R. Ori; 5116 Gleneagles Way; $499,500


NS River LLC to Emmett Burks; 2077 Nansemond Parkway; $236,200


Morris H. Glover to Ronald D. Jordan; 456 Barnes Road; $402,817.77


Clifford Brown to Morris H. Glover; 456 Barnes Road; $25,000


Cindy Davis to Kebco Enterprises Inc.; 4281 Cole Ave.; $15,333.34


Fannie Mae to William Page; 6305 Amberly Court; $215,000


Star Creek LLC to Sadler Building Corp.; 4308 Edgewater Lane; $85,000


Lauren Lindsay Ruth Properties to TPTI Suffolk Building LLC; 2007 Meade Parkway; $875,000


Chad M. Snyder to Andrew Simmons; 557 First Ave.; $193,700


Aimee K. Alexander to Gregory V. Hill; 1208 Waters Edge Lane; $156,500


Ted L. Fortenberry to Jeffery R. Martin; 316 Ashwood Drive; $269,000


Branch Banking and Trust Company to Jason A. Auston; 3190 Desert Road; $174,100


Gloria J. Lambert to Robert L. Roper; 5572 Weatherby Way; $249,200


Nicole L. Aguirre to Daniel J. Webster; 118 Elm Tree Court; $310,000


Curtiss H. Merrick to Velma A. Dilday; 701 Constance Woods Drive; $174,900


Jerry D. Canaday to Anthony C. Kyles; 605 Azalea Court; $193,400


David P. Morreale to Joyce M. Torrence; 3608 Nansemond Parkway; $361,500


Mamie L. King to Leslie A. Jacobs; 240 Craftsman Circle; $191,900


Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Stephen E. Compton; 3009 Galiceno Court; $339,730


James W. Busch to Mark E. Hawkins; 108 Golden Sunset Lane; $379,000


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to PRP Capital LLC; 176 Majestic Drive; $140,000


Current Homes LLC to Robert C. Black; 109 Elm Tree Court; $283,000


Wennette Y. Ruffin to Glasser and Glasser PLC, trustee; 549 Osceola Ave.; $7,385.05


Homes by Ray LLC to Sandra S. Arulf; 515 Waterway Court; $178,750


Kent L. Gwaltney to Patrick F. Dion; 6259 Godwin Blvd.; $244,100


Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Jasper C. Haywood; 3005 Galiceno Court; $290,710


Willie M. Freeman to Ronald Brown; 133 Dutchess Way; $273,000


Terrence L. Middleton to Carl K. Wilcox; 152 Graystone Trace; $237,900


Fannie Mae to William E. Deal; 3206 Archers Mill Road; $280,000


Raviinder Singh to Mathew C. Dubord; 109 Hopemont Lane; $169,900


Virginia Housing Development Authority to Albert R. Hartley; 328 Beamons Mill Trail; $192,700


Jerad M. Price to Rebecca L. Babington; 153 Kingsdale Road; $195,000


Jessie L. Thielen to Michael A. Lapenna; 2431 Cherry Blossom Drive; $215,000


Manning Road Trust #623 to John Robert Kinney; 632 Manning Road; $74,900


TerryPeterson Investment Thirty LLC to AC Potomac RE 1 LLC; 1003 University Blvd.; $554,500


Trista L. Sanders to Victor M. Lane; 4408 Clifton St.; $205,000


Ian W. Evans to Shawn Dickerson; 1212 Peachtree Drive; $268,000


Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Olubukola O. Adeyemi; 6089 Newington Place; $212,000


RSL Homes LLC to Morris E. Frost; 6004 Bradford Drive; $190,000


Teresa L. Byrd to 1732 Airport Road LLC; 1362 White Marsh Road; $107,400


Michelle Ann Taylor to Shamika Dirtion; 127 Berkshire Blvd.; $215,000


Hercules Fields to Phyllis D. Casey; 5390 Whaleyville Blvd.; $163,400


Lautharie D. Aguilar to Daniel Ballance; 3015 Carlisle Court; $277,400


Daniel L. Shuman to Nathaniel L. Whitlow; 2120 Piedmont Road; $284,500


Matthew Ward to Wells Fargo Bank; 2006 Redgate Drive; $274,206.36


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 2006 Redgate Drive; $274,206.36


Raul Rodriguez to Frenicka M. Lassiter; 504 Kissimmee Ave.; $97,000


Jerry Golden to Current Homes LLC; 103 Benham Court; $176,100


Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Colleen A. Symansky; 933-A Vineyard Place; $225,600


William E. Griffin to Aimee K. Alexander; 1006 Skiffs Landing Lane; $274,000


Larvelle Jackson to Anthony N. Holbert; 2086 Maple Leaf Crescent; $241,300


Marion H. Sherrod to Ben Collington; 2210 Vermont Ave.; $80,000


Fannie Mae to Christopher Ryan Collier; 4417 Brighton Mews; $270,000


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ian Hamilton; 104 Rochdale Lane; $268,400


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2603 Waters Edge Lane; $10


Carlesi Construction Inc. to Harold L. Barrett; 6100 Gardenbrook Place; $392,000


Reese Smith Construction LLC to Jule L. West; 5040 Riverfront Drive; $524,200


David E. Luethy to John H. Dawson; 315 Page Place; $275,000


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ryan Lambert; 2863 N. Shore Drive; $152,100


Herons Point LLC to Marleigh Painting and Construction; 3113 Ibis Blvd.; $96,500


Mary Beth Branham to Andrew J. Delfavero; 1008 Dutch Road; $208,000


Branch Banking and Trust Company to Francis C. Ezewiro; 204 Bute St.; $58,800


Cory M. Picton to Graham G. Staudt; 1650 Moores Point Road; $285,000


Ore Builders LLC to Alonzo L. Johnson; 300 William Penn Lane; $401,260


Brandon Ellis to Christopher S. Folgert; 2658 Manning Road; $252,000


Polk Pinewill LLC to Drayce M. Moore; 261 Jonathans Way; $244,000


Bradford H. Moore to Margaret Williamson; 6621 Everets Road; $38,000


Aaron J. Ballantyne to Charlie F. High; 4003 Meadows Court; $280,000


Catherine A. Williams to Christopher L. Bacon; 3612 Frazier Ave.; $235,000


Matthan E. Heiselt to William M. Manolios; 7583 Elwood Road; $135,000


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Charles D. Barirneau; 1937 Piedmont Road; $427,725


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to David Williams Parks; 5058 Kings Grant Circle; $237,520


Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Carl R. Hale; 2047 Indian Point Road; $331,700


Moody Homes at Lake Meade Estates to David A. Wray; 2039 Sweetwood Drive; $279,500


Todd C. Burdett to Alberto J. Alicea; 5048 Kelso St.; $260,000


Harry L. Tillman to Robert C. Madson; 6002 Spinnaker Cove Court; $581,500


Brett W. Haake to Tracy A. Vick; 3501 Sedgefield St.; $269,500


Bruce W. Price to Dwain Harrison; 5102 Captains Walk; $415,900


Janron Farms LLC to Ronald Jerome Daiker; 8752 Adams Drive; $257,000


Roy H. Coulliette to Jeffrey J. Gruber; 104 Count Crescent; $245,500


Kebco Enterprise Inc. to Ashley N. Byrd; 4281 Cole Ave.; $250,000


Gregory D. Tompkins to Jack S. Reynolds; 3694 Labrador Lane; $340,000


Sandra W. Lynch to Reginald Theodore Beckett; 3513 Little Creek Road; $229,900


Mill Creek LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 2123 Turtle Pond Court; $84,577


Karen J. Stroh to Scott M. Fernandez DeCastro; 2786 Freeman Mill Road; $306,800


Justin M. Halvorson to Michael J. Simmons; 3603 Canal Turn Court; $259,000


Craig Alan Cope to Robert B. May; 242 Kilby Shores Drive; $245,000


Thomas Ray Phillips to Barry Lee Noe; 132 Brittany Lane; $336,100


Terry L. Warren to James C. Whitley; 117 Robin Lane; $241,200


Roxanna L. Stephan to Darlene Brigitte Jaffe; 110 Gatewood Ave.; $284,500


Clare V. Thompson to Thanh Nga Pham; 5076 Bay Circle; $400,000