Politics meet comedy

Published 5:34 pm Saturday, July 11, 2015

By Azana Carr


A group visiting Suffolk this fall promises to put the MOCK in democracy with its lively performance.

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The Suffolk Cultural Arts Center is hosting the comedic group “The Capitol Steps!” on Oct. 9. These performers are known for creating songs, parodies and skits poking fun at Capitol Hill.

The group of Congressional staffers began in the early 1980s with plans to put on a Christmas play. However, deciding that the stage was more of a home than the Hill, they took the nation by storm and produced pieces that criticized their ex-colleagues. As they grew in time, they eventually hired people like professional actors without a government background to join the spectacle.

Although this will be its first production in Suffolk, The Capitol Steps has performed all around the country. Its success has led it to appear on channels such as PBS, NBC, ABC, and CBS and the group has become well known among many throughout the country.

The performers’ material often focuses on current political conflict, and as such there is always new work to hear from them. The upcoming presidential campaign will likely play a vital role in their new material.

“They’re not partial to any one party,” said Jackie Cherry, executive director of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. “They’re not any more vain with one party than another.”

The Capitol Steps’ performance in Suffolk will be extra special, because the show kicks off the start of a new season.

As they began to promote the group’s appearance, on Wednesday the center showed a

“I believe that this show will sell out,” Cherry said.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.suffolkcenter.org or call 923-2900.