Suffolk native pens first novel

Published 8:23 pm Thursday, July 16, 2015

After self-publishing a book about her childhood in Suffolk about five years ago, Viola Robinson has now come out with the first installment in what she hopes will be a series of novels exploring the lives of a set of characters.

Viola Robinson, who grew up in Suffolk, has self-published her first novel, “Noble Interruptions.”

Viola Robinson, who grew up in Suffolk, has self-published her first novel, “Noble Interruptions.”

Robinson, who writes under the penname V.M. Roberts, says the main character in “Noble Interruptions” is a young woman trying to get her life together but weighed down by the needs of those around her.

“Her family depend on her for so much, and she can’t say no,” Robinson said.

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“She wants to start a family, grow her career, have a relationship, but she can’t do any of those things, because what she has planned for her life is constantly being interrupted by someone else who needs her.”

By the end of the book, Noble has had enough. Robinson added, “She wants to take a step back, assess her life, and start doing some things for herself — setting goals and keeping those goals.”

Robinson is working on the second book, “Noble Retreats,” in which the title character is in a relationship with a young man with an alcohol problem.

“The way that’s being handled, she doesn’t like it,” Robinson said. “She just leaves. She goes away for four months. He doesn’t call, write or email.”

Another storyline has Noble learning that her biological father is living back in Virginia. “In the first book, her father needs a kidney, and her mother wants her to donate one of her kidneys to a man she doesn’t know,” Robinson said.

Robinson is already thinking ahead to the third book, which will be called “The Sincerity of Noble Zachary,” in which the father of Noble’s daughter gets out of jail.

In her first book, “Memoirs of a Girl from Suffolk,” Robinsons recalls growing up on Fifth Street and attending East Suffolk Elementary School.

Many who’ve read it, Robinson said, are waiting for her to write a second volume exploring her high school years. “I’ve got a lot of writing to do,” she said.

The 52-year-old lives in Pennsylvania, where she currently works for the government as a cost accounting analyst while teaching part time.

She left Suffolk in 1981, when she started attending community college in New Jersey. She transferred to Temple University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in journalism.

Robinson said she always dreamed of becoming a writer, but she ended up working in the administration side of health care, along the way getting Master of Public Health and Master of Business Administration.

She said she last visited Suffolk when her mother died in 2009. She plans to move back when her youngest son graduates high school next year.

Robinson’s two books are available for purchase on