Keep looking at shared services

Published 8:23 pm Monday, July 20, 2015

To the editor:

The city and school board are on the right track in attempting to find ways to save money by consolidating services in situations when doing so can benefit both bodies.

The Virginia Beach School Board and city of Virginia Beach consolidated their health plans for employees several years ago and achieved increased bargaining power to the benefit of both the city and school board.

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There is nothing wrong with the public employees of each having the same health care coverage, and it can eliminate bickering at budget time over disparities in plans.

The members of the City School Advisory Committee on Collaborative Fiscal Concerns are to be commended for their effort to work collaboratively to benefit the taxpayers in Suffolk.

I hope the Suffolk News-Herald and Tracy Agnew will continue to keep taxpayers  informed of the progress and efforts of the committee.

John Newhard