Forbes understands nation’s peril

Published 7:30 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To the editor:

I enjoyed reading Congressman Forbes’ column, “Building a terrible foreign policy,” in the July 19 edition of the Suffolk News-Herald.

I have been a longtime supporter of, and volunteer for, the congressman in both Chesapeake and Suffolk. Consequently, I regularly follow the valiant work he does in Congress.

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This piece highlights his steadfast and consistent views on foreign policy. Furthermore, I believe he was spot-on in his assessments.

This president has accomplished a few applause-worthy things here at home, but the mess he has created for America overseas is simply indisputable.

Whether it’s diminishing our credibility, pandering to our enemies or making our allies question our earnestness and trustworthiness, he has made America seem anemic and irresolute in the eyes of the world.

I believe that is a dangerous position for us to be in. I’m glad to see one member of Congress who understands this perilous situation and is standing up for common sense.

It’s time to get America back to our rightful place of leadership and respect in the world.

Christine deTriquet-Byrum