Charleston should spur new gun laws

Published 7:41 pm Friday, August 7, 2015

By Ruby H. Walden

Following the massacre of nine people during prayer service in the sanctuary of a prominent African-American congregation, the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., I would like to know how many lives have to be lost before some of our legislators realize they will be held accountable in part for many murders throughout this nation.

Many lives have been lost, because they failed too many times to enact laws to protect the people they are responsible to serve.

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According to the news media, a higher percentage of the population is asking for gun control laws. In spite of that, many legislators have failed to vote the wishes of the people.

This signals that the voices of their constituents don’t matter. It shows irresponsibility and total disregard and disrespect for the people’s wishes.

It’s a sad state of affairs if legislators allow themselves to be controlled by a group, or individuals, to the extent they cannot execute their duties in an honest manner.

If, after this terrorist massacre that took place in Charleston, they continue to vote against the greater percentage of the people, then each of them are the problem and not the solution. As voters in the states represented by these legislators, we should all give some serious thought to the voting records of these lawmakers representing us.

Such a heinous crime as happened in South Carolina should not require a second thought to decide that immediate action must be taken to pass safer and more stringent gun control laws.

If killers with so much hatred in their hearts continue to secure guns at will, who knows where the next massacre could take place? If there is no respect for God’s house of worship, certainly the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House are not immune to such crimes of hate and terrorism.

When will people cease to allow hatred and malice to completely consume them, to the extent that they are not able to perform the duties they are entrusted to perform?

To those who are so filled with hate, why not try freeing yourself of those prejudices so you can deal properly with all people at all times? It would cost them so little to be able to release the prejudices they have learned and thought to be normal, and they could then serve freely, justly, fairly and honorably.

Thoughts of hatred affect the mind in bad ways, especially when they are allowed to dwell constantly within a person. They become the constant train of thought, gradually developing a biased, warped mind filled with hatred and malice.

Good thoughts dwelling constantly within a person develop into healthy, good people with hearts of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Those who constantly entertain racially motivated hatred toward others would do well to get over their prejudices. America is moving beyond the narrow, evil and contriving minds that have been detrimental to this nation for so long.

God will continue to help fight this winning battle.

Ruby H. Walden is a lifetime resident of Suffolk. Email her at