More sports coverage desired

Published 8:29 pm Monday, August 10, 2015

To the editor:

Thank you for publishing the Aug. 7 article “Fifth in the nation,” by Titus Mohler, about the Suffolk 10U Boys basketball team placing fifth in the six-day 2015 Amateur Athletic Union 10U Division II boys’ basketball national championship in Clarksville, Tenn.

I think this is good for the team, because it will let everyone in Suffolk know about this team’s success. Without this article, many citizens of Suffolk wouldn’t have known about the accomplishment, including me.

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This article caught my eye, and I enjoyed reading it. I think that you should put more articles about local sports teams in the newspaper. It is always nice to read about cool things like this happening in our town, and to read about kids’ sports. More articles about kids’ sports should be published.

I know these players and coaches earned this article and were happy to get some recognition for all the effort they put into this season and championships. I appreciate that they got their own spot in the paper.

Now the citizens of Suffolk can read and celebrate the team’s success also.

Thank you again for putting this article in the newspaper. I hope the Suffolk News-Herald will publish more articles about youth sports in the future.

Duncan Irvine

Age 12