Speak up for Sanise

Published 10:54 pm Thursday, August 27, 2015

The case of a missing girl from Suffolk is the kind of thing that gives parents nightmares.

A 14-year-old disappears from her home, leaving a perplexing note that she can be found in Florida, where she will be “fed, protected and safe,” but she doesn’t give them any more information than that to help establish their search.

She disappears wearing red pajamas with pink hearts, a tank top, a black hoodie and flip-flops, hardly the attire one would expect for a trip of that duration.

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None of her friends or family seem to know anything about her location, and her social media accounts have gone dark. She’d been communicating with some people her parents don’t know, but police have had no luck learning anything about her situation from those they’ve been able to contact. She had recently been in touch with someone claiming to be a modeling agent, but her parents aren’t even sure that person was what he claimed to be.

Sanise Diamonique Hall should be starting the school year as a freshman at Nansemond River High School on Sept. 8. She should be wringing all the fun she can manage from her last days of summer. She should be sleeping at home with her family, comfortable in the safety of a place she knows, among people who love her.

Surely there must be someone in Suffolk who knows something that could help reunite this girl with her parents. Perhaps there’s a friend who heard her mention something about her plans. Maybe she let slip a comment about a place in Florida she hoped to visit soon. She might even have shared some thoughts with someone about a modeling career and the person who was corresponding with her about the possibility.

What’s clear is that a 14-year-old girl shouldn’t be on her own in a world just waiting to take advantage of naiveté. If you know something that might help, now is the time to speak up. Do it for her and her family.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Matthew Faubion of the Suffolk Police Department, 757-377-6746, or the Virginia State Police at 1-800-VACHILD (1-800-822-4453).