Many fine walking trails

Published 10:52 pm Friday, August 28, 2015

One good thing about a walkable city is that it gives its residents plenty of opportunities to exercise. Hurrying from home to a subway stop several city blocks away helps folks in New York get the blood flowing and the cardiovascular system pumping every day as a simple matter of course.

Of course, most folks in Suffolk wouldn’t trade the many benefits they have here for the congestion, garbage and other problems of life in New York. But many of them would probably like it if they had more chances to walk from one place to another.

Those who live and work downtown can benefit from the sidewalks and nearby destinations, and people in the Harbourview area enjoy similar amenities, but for those who live outside of those areas, finding a good place to walk takes a bit of effort.

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Healthy People Healthy Suffolk has come to the aid of those who wish to stretch their legs. Suffolk has 16 different trails covering a total of 27 miles that folks can use to get a bit of exercise and enjoy nature in the process. The program has created a booklet aimed at identifying those trails and encouraging people to use them.

From the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge to the city’s major parks to the Seaboard Coastline Trail — and including more than a dozen other parks and cemeteries — there are trails running from a fifth of a mile to nine miles in length. There’s truly a trail for every level of ability.

You can grab a copy of the booklet at recreation centers, libraries, parks, the Suffolk Art Gallery, the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum, City Hall, the Suffolk Visitor Center, the Health and Human Services building and the Hilton Garden Inn or you can see a digital version online at the websites of the Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community and Suffolk Parks and Recreation.

Pick up your copy today and start walking.