When troubles come, seek help

Published 11:11 pm Thursday, September 3, 2015

By Domenick Epps

The feeling of “you really don’t know what I’m going through” is not the best feeling in the world to have, especially when people’s thoughts are based on your demeanor, for which you should get an Oscar Award.

You play your cards well despite what’s been dealt. It’s when everyone looks at you, perceive that you have this spectacular life, wonderful and exuberant marriage, thriving business, and life full of peace and security, that you look in the mirror and repeat Romans 4:17.

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Now you could easily complain, moan and pout over the realities of life, but you don’t. You mask it. You could say, “I’m done with it all; I just can’t take any more.” But because of Romans 4:17, you won’t.

That is, you won’t in the presence of others, but when the attack is on the mind at the hours of the night where there is no one to talk to, no one to encourage you, no one to hold you by your hand — that’s when you find yourself at a fork in the road, decision time.

The sheep longs for the prayers and encouragement of the Shepherd, while failing to realize that a portion of the Shepherd’s strength derives not just from his personal prayers but from the intercession of the saints.

The strength of the husband is not just from his time of devotion, but also from the prayers of his wife and vice versa. The CEO runs the company, encounters stressful situations day in and day out and unless there is someone interceding for him, he too could come to a breaking point.

Do I break into my destiny or do I break out of this mess? Do I break into that which is meant to catapult me forward or am I so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I make an emotional decision without analyzing the consequences of the decision? What do you do when doing what you feel, feels like the best thing to do?

The truth is that many don’t know what to do, who to turn to or what to say. So their initial response is doing and saying what they feel, while failing to realize that their feelings are out of balance in the heat of the moment and that it’s best to cool down before opening one’s mouth. Words spoken carry more weight than words unspoken.

So as I encourage you, while encouraging myself, please know that God is waiting for you to give it all to Him. Whatever is causing unnecessary stress, give it to Him.

There are things you can control, but there are many you must have the wisdom to know are too big for you to handle alone. Get help and lay it all at the feet of Jesus Christ, who is willing and able to bear every burden and lift every weight from us.

God bless you.

Domenick Epps is a Suffolk resident, real estate agent and youth pastor. Email him at DomenickEpps.Realtor@gmail.com.