Salon gives kids free haircuts

Published 8:12 pm Monday, September 7, 2015

Tausha George and Marrico Simpson of Cut N’ Shears salon take a break from providing haircuts for underprivileged children on Monday.

Tausha George and Marrico Simpson of Cut N’ Shears salon take a break from providing haircuts for underprivileged children on Monday.

Cut N’ Shears did its part in supporting the community this Labor Day weekend, with a free hair styling event for children whose parents could not generally afford it.

Five hair stylists cut the hair of 150 children for free on Sunday and Monday.

“(It’s) truly a labor of love for the community,” said Cheryl Balzer, a sergeant with the Suffolk Police Department.

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The employees of this salon would typically have both days off, as the salon is closed Sundays and Mondays. However, each year they commit to staying so they can give back and help those who in need.

“They’re very open to doing this,” Tausha George said of her staff. She describes them as warm-hearted employees who love their jobs.

“They’re a business that wants to be part of the community,” Balzer said.

Marrico Simpson, chief executive officer of Cut N’ Shears, said one of the motivations for holding the event each year is seeing how showing love and care means a lot to these families. It has even brought parents to tears of joy, he said.

One parent, whose daughter got her hair braided Monday, said “I’m very thankful for the event.”

“They’re doing a great job,” added another, whose two daughters got their hair done, as well.

During each student’s time slot, the children received a shampoo and cut/style of their choice, even if a style took longer than the expected time slot.

“We make time for them,” George said.

Along with the haircuts, the staff at Cut N’ Shears also provided a free breakfast for the children to enjoy. The breakfast included a selection of Pop-Tarts, pastries, fruit and juice.

The children also received a free bag of school supplies, courtesy of the Suffolk Police Department. It usually takes the officers a day to pack the bags, said Balzer.

The idea for the event came to Balzer a few years ago. She approached the owners of Cut N’ Shears about getting involved. “I just felt led to do it,” she said. It turned out well, because the salon’s owners and staff were looking for a way to give back to the community, she said.

“They willingly give up their Sunday and Monday,” she said. Not only did the staff give up two days off, but they worked on a holiday weekend.

“Being able to give back” is a big reason Simpson got involved in this outreach, he said.

Giving the kids haircuts helps in “making them feel good about themselves,” George said. She expressed her concern for children who get picked on and believes this is a way the kids can feel good about themselves and the way they look when they return to school.

George and Simpson plan to continue holding the event in the future.