A Taste of Suffolk sonnet

Published 5:40 pm Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Taste of Suffolk sonnet

(With deepest apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Oh, Taste of Suffolk, how do I love thee?

How can I describe the joys I find in

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Walking the streets of Suffolk with a friend,

Stopping at booths to taste delicious food?

To miss one of them would seem very rude.

Let’s have tacos! Flounder or softshell crab?

Why not both? Might as well add to the flab!

Talking about politics on Main Street

My taco gets cold, so I add some heat

Liberally ladling sriracha sauce,

Hoping that later, my wife won’t be cross.

But wait! Look over there! My eyes have seen

A thing to make Guy Fieri’s hair green.

Those cupcakes — made of cornbread and chili —

That’s not the thing to eat if you’re frilly.

Let’s stand here and watch the Wild Wing challenge.

You want to try? Think you can manage?

I will stand here and watch you be the fool,

But that barbecue is making me drool,

And I just might be gone when you’re finished —

But I’m sure your win won’t be diminished.

More crowds are milling about on the street

Thinking about full tummies, not sore feet.

There’s music and games, vendor tents galore

And always good food, should you want some more.

Perhaps I should pick up some gourmet tots

For the road. But dessert — it’s bread puddin’

With maple and praline — it’s a good’n.

Now, much slower than before, I walk back

To the office, giving my belt some slack.

Sharing my day with my beautiful wife,

She asks a question that cuts like a knife:

Did you bring me a cupcake, dear husband?


— Res Spears