Land transfers for Aug. 21 to Sept. 10

Published 6:49 pm Saturday, September 12, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Belle Harbour Duplexes LLC to Sean A. Johnson; 3679 Pear Orchard Way; $193,880

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Amy J. Stinnette; 949-D Vineyard Place; $235,000

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Deborah Stephens-Williams to Steve A. Warren; 200 N. Capital St.; $50,800

Jennifer Rivera to Anthony G. Monroe; 2202 Gentry St.; $169,100

William N. Barrera to Robert Walters; 5102 Bennetts Pasture Road; $244,000

Michael W. Kielman to Donald W. Lewis; 1520 Wilkins Drive; $162,000

Gail Elaine Cottrell to Daniel Hockman; 1004 Laurel Ave.; $217,000

James H. Durden to Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church; 703 Brook Ave.; $12,500

H and W Building and Construction to Will Washington Construction LLC; 6240 Freeman Ave.; $7,500

Robert C. Duke to Nora Leigh Duke Johnson; 1216 Parker Drive; $97,500

Amos B. Boykin to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 406 York St.; $23,456.70

Thomas A. Bailey to Theodore J. Lemerande; 3500 Sandown Cove; $279,900

James H. Durden to Boyzie L. Hayes; 218 Webb St.; $159,900

Chaddlar Going to Devon M. Viscome; 807 Haskins Drive; $245,295

Parker Crossing LLC to Cynthia Burke; 2909 Kippling Court; $317,057

Robert H. Wright to Jonathan D. Eddy; 1300 Mill Oak Court; $299,800

Jason M. Silverthorne to Christopher M. Anderson; 1573 White Dogwood Trail; $165,000

Brenda K. Kerr to Benjamin Kelley; 249 Holbrook Arch; $285,000

Marie L. Sims to Tamara Borne; 5913 Vernon Drive; $195,000

U.S. Bank National Association to Patricia Ewing; 904 Brook Ave.; $88,800

Scott Tolson to Michael Shane Turner; 7250 Harvest Drive; $170,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Michael E. Eley; 2900 Kippling Court; $301,750

Walter Charles Mann to McLewis Taylor; 1718 N. River Creek Landing; $183,600

George A. Welsh to Shubh Sharma; 2022 Soundings Crescent Court; $375,400

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Teresa Johnson; 935-B Vineyard Place; $234,570

Todd A. Kiesow to Laura M. Smith; 405 Causey Ave.; $126,000

Sidney Christian to George A. Welsh; 5223 Shoal Creek Road; $350,000

R. Eley Duke to Todd Kiesow; 315 Fort St.; $287,700

Russell Criste to Charles E. Smith; 301 Palmyra Drive; $249,900

Joyce Carol Smith to Woochan Kim; 2605 E. Washington St.; $60,300

Michael Anthony Hill to San Juan A. Williams; 2076 Maple Leaf Crescent; $237,500

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Sasser Construction LC; 3393 Village Square Place; $147,500

David C. Perkins to Curtis Tyler; 104 Prescott Court; $269,900

Stefan F. Brecke to Michael J. Ferullo; 4696 Schooner Blvd.; $255,000

Alton Thomas Holland to Shane R. McCormick; 10144 Ellis Road; $102,000

Wilmington Trust Company to PG Enterprises LLC; 6048 Camellia Drive; $118,700

Nicole K. Lavis to Ashley Lynn Anderson; 2181 Patridge Place; $235,000

Rex M. Toothman to Justin A. Koth; 329 Page Place; $230,900

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Michelle R. Smithmills; 852 Bennett’s Meadow Lane; $291,785

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kalvin Scott; 1006 Hillpoint Road; $260,000

Lorenzo A. Solomon to Dustin R. Hughes; 219 Gauntlet Way; $217,500

15Twenty LLC to Cedric N. Dedeaux; 4243 Capps Creek Drive; $449,300

Andrea Taylor Claud to Connell L. Bynum; 320 Gloucester St.; $3,100

George P. Hranowskyj to L. Ellen Drames; 311 York St.; $5,100

H.L. Jones to Anthony Illa; 3000 Whaleyville Blvd.; $6,100

Keith A. Cochrane to Kevan M. Sizemore; 5093 Kelso St.; $247,000

ABT Custom Homes to Nathan M. Stahr; 3749 Willow Glenn Circle; $526,700

Frank M. Rawls to Ronnie W. Byrum; 112 Springfield Terrace; $291,500

Onewest Bank Mortgage to Alphin Properties LLC; 314 St. James Ave.; $91,800

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Santos Soto; 5045 Kings Grant Circle; $254,074

Robert J. Calhoun to Saleem Burks; 114 Rochdale Lane; $271,300

Jeffrey C. Gerlach to DMS Solutions LLC; 0 Eclipse Drive; $47,000

Vincent Copeland to Witten Brothers Construction; 1980 Northgate Commerce Parkway Unit 6D; $306,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Chad N. Whidden; 3001 Ravine Gap Drive; $264,518

Leahrose Anderson Gibson to Vincent Gantt; 523 Mason Ave.; $38,100

Sadler Building Corporation to Jerry D. Wilson; 4249 Capps Creek Drive; $444,950

Lisa J. Byrum to Roger K. Owen; 5323 Sport Club Run; $320,000

Faye C. Perry to James D. Jones; 1724 Whaleyville Blvd.; $191,600

Cecil L. Winstead to Matthew A. Noblett; 5384 Pruden Blvd.; $193,000

Nickole S. Bush to Maria D. Simmons; 315 Canaan Circle; $255,300

Robert T. Defazio to Carter S. Breault; 6045 Mainsail Lane; $348,500

Fannie Mae to Debra Benion; 417 Waterwheel Crescent; $153,900

Mark W. Roeder to Lisa M. Cooley; 103 Elmington Way; $177,800

Thomas Linwood Taylor to Michael Hoversten; 555 Lake Kilby Road; $230,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Kevin L. Wallace; 856 Bennett’s Meadow Lane; $307,895

Kenneth J. Davis to Caroline V. Powers; 2549 Desert Road; $309,000

Jason R. Whitehurst to Eric Westrick; 2000 Silver Charm Circle; $230,000

Dennis T. Parker to Kristin L. Dudney; 2600 Whaleyville Blvd.; $160,000

Michael C. Rowse to Timothy R. Woodland; 1447 Peppercorn Lane; $237,400

Arthur D. Stevens to Robert Gerard Edwards; 3503 Pony Club Point; $282,000

Robert D. Stoner to Kevin N. Bass; 6754 Burbage Lake Circle; $236,500

Bank of America to CR Properties 2015 LLC; 609 Kinsey Lane; $11,200

Robert J. Gaines to Peyton E. Glenn; to 105 Sleepy Ridge Court; $413,000

Brigitte C. Hall to Timothy M. Aguiar; 2.3 acres on Desert Road; $8,700

R. Percy Pierce to Richard P. Pierce; 1816 Pitchkettle Road; $28,850

Cecil S. Rhodes to Next One LLC; 724 Moore Farm Lane; $47,250

Christopher D. O’Shields to Christopher A. Hamilton; 206 Widgeon Court; $165,000

R. Percy Pierce to Franklin Lester Piland; 1816 Pitchkettle Road; $28,850

Adam Hunter Rountree to Matthew P. LeFever; 273 Collins Road; $275,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Gregory S. Harvill; 2696 River Watch Drive; $297,900

D. Sean Horan to Pinner Street Investments; 512 E. Pinner St.; $184,300

Daniels Construction Company to Demetryi Gupton; 3352 Nansemond Parkway; $255,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to James E. Champagne; 6306 Lamplight Court; $296,600

Benjamin K. Staley to Matthew S. Cross; 945 Vineyard Place #D; $195,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Irey M. Etheridge; 3024 Ravine Gap Drive; $255,520

Harry R. Ashe to Jung Warren, 336 Cedar St.; $68,700

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Joseph T. Driver; 5047 Kings Grant Circle; $255,430

Marleigh Painting and Construction to Jerry M. Perry; 3115 Ibis Blvd.; $407,607

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 2000 Anthony Place; $85,200

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 4010 Michael Drive; $85,200

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Martina Althoff Glocker; 2114 Georgia Ave.; $136,000

Robert F. Boyd to Carlesi Construction Inc.; lot 13 Cherry Grove Estates; $64,900

Maung Than Myint to James Andrew Willman; 4305 Ainslie Court S.; $389,999

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kimberly R. Taylor; 106 Fairfield Ave.; $75,000

James A. Boone to Rhonda B. Mayfield; 109 Marshall Ave.; $49,200

Legacy Highland Green LLC to Brenda G. Taylor; 1002 Silver Charm Circle; $249,900

Cynthia K. Satterwhite to no name given; no description given; $775,400

Juanita J. Merritt to Collier Crescent Trust #380; 380 Collier Crescent; $92,000

Holland Family Properties No. 2 LLC to George Boykins, 442 Wilson St.; $17,900

Wirth Holdings LLC to Eric A. Land; 5044 Riverfront Drive; $463,657

Doris N. Riddick to Melissa Dearsley; 309 Oak St.; $12,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to A Thomas Holdings LLC; 571 Sweatt Road; $273,400

Wells Fargo Financial System Virginia to Jerry Moretz; 150 Majestic Drive; $124,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to John Smith; 665 Adkins Circle; $46,000

Joe Rabon to Sakeena A. McSwain; 831 Cripple Creek Lane; $170,700

Timothy V. Thomas to Phillip West; 100 Dove Court; $254,900

Cash Flow Resources LLC to Alfred L. Wilson; 804 Nixon Drive; $95,000

Skylar T. Bates to William Eshbaugh; 5041 South Links Circle; $420,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Clevon Belfield; 2047 Brians Lane; $262,700

Owens Family II LLC to Innovative Developments LLC; lot 21 John St.; $13,600

McLewis Taylor to Michael A. Small; 1528 River Creek Crescent; $187,000

Leon Ransome to Ayisha N. Robinson; 116 Ashford Drive; $222,000

Dennis Pike to Valerie Y. Murphy-Pont; 5319 Marsh Landing Lane; $639,900

Richard J. Kowalski to Acco Hengst; 5030 S. Links Circle; $410,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John King; 1129 Proctor St.; $166,000

Jonie Mansfield to Atari Williams; 136 Kings Point Drive; $279,000