Land transfers Sept. 11-17

Published 4:43 pm Saturday, September 19, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Sept. 11-17

Ted’s Housing LLC to Larry Aubry; 5532 Weatherby Way; $163,900

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Delbert Engelhardt to Jeffrey A. Ritchie; 2009 Regency Drive; $219,900

Jo Anne Barlow Mathus to Kevin M. Deanes; 2712 Nansemond Crescent; $197,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Richard Copeland; 2712 E. Washington St.; $25,000

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Cheree Faison; 6224 Cushing St.; $221,543

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Christopher J. Leeds; 3004 Galiceno Court; $342,370

4608 Hardy Court LLC to Monarch Investments LLC; 4608 Hardy Court; $111,200

Stephan K. Johnson to Travis Smith; 169 Graystone Trace; $222,300

Margaret E. Williamson to Robert A. Turner; 6621 Everets Road; $92,900

Alice Jean Fulgham to Barry L. Pierce; 1924 Hobson Drive; $59,800

Ronald K. Atkinson to James Matthew Kutner; 1019 Bay Breeze Drive #83; $283,000

Donna Stewart to Heid K. Allen; 206 Archers Drive; $189,900

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Andrew D. Hilton; 309 Ford Drive; $359,295

Belle Harbour Duplexes LLC to Abbie Aclin; 3760 Pear Orchard Way; $193,570

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Louis M. Steele; 305 Ford Drive; $351,270

Bradley E. McNamar to Ryan C. Denell; 202 Holbrook Arch; $234,900

Hampton Roads Holding Company LLC to Nicole D. Ancar; 6316 Townsend Place; $375,475

Georgia A. Mayo to Samuel Morings; 9120 New Road; $130,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Tiffany M. Williams; 6071 Newington Place; $230,200

Fannie Mae to Matthew Todd West; 3400 Little Creek Road; $169,000

Carroll E. Hardy to Darnell J. Parker; 6720 Braebourne Court; $285,300

Phillip Royce Bess to William M. Styron; 1121 Turner Drive; $127,500

Levona J. Carpenter to Alejandro R. Gonzalez; 2821 S. Nansemond Drive; $160,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Current Homes LLC; 6908 Campbell Court; $190,575

Ryan J. McMichael to Irene E. Gilbert; 424 Hastings Place; $483,880

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Nardell V. Barnes; 2006 Redgate Drive; $255,100

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Robert W. Zurschmit; 5284 Bennetts Pasture Road; $192,500

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Nicholas C. Rohde; 5062 Kings Grant Circle; $281,365

Jason N. Spruill to Barbara S. Mahler; 3018 Silver Charm Circle; $255,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek to Steven G. Suttles; 937-B Vineyard Place; $235,870

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Duane A. Shaffer; 3002 Galiceno Court; $347,830

William E. Russell to Danielle E. Shafer; 1029 Pennsylvania Ave.; $115,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joshua M. Tawes; 925 Teton Circle; $101,000

Brian Cass to Nathaniel R. Novak; 144 Stoney Ridge Ave. Unit 23; $226,900

Sarah K. White to Michael C. Grinstead; 315 Festival Court; $221,500

No name given to Jerry Cantrell; 6140 Whaleyville Blvd.; $115,000

SunTrust Bank to Barbara A. Hannah; 1034 Windward Lane; $352,000

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Thomas Charles Pasinger; 4002 Gunston Drive Unit 2002-400; $133,000

Ryan Woolridge to Lisa Hogge; 1008 Teton Circle; $167,800

Francis W. McVean to John R. Smith; 320 E. Saint Brie; $305,0000