Land transfers for Oct. 2-15

Published 5:07 pm Saturday, October 17, 2015

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 2-15

Fannie Mae to Michael T. Watson; 425 York St.; $41,700

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William E. Brown to Harry L. Ervin; 3003 North James Drive; $174,995

Tara A. Leyh to Rudolph D. Skinner; 399 Adorn Court; $265,000

Zachary J. Blackford to William Minor; 1523 Art Court; $205,000

Connie T. Everett to Deutsche Bank National Trust; 555 Osceola Ave.; $131,613.49

Hillpoint Virginia LLC to Hillpoint Estates North LLC; 110 Jaclyn Drive; $432,000

Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Jonathan D. White; 3474 Raintree Court; $415,132

Thomas E. Snyder to Michael Parnin; 105 Highfield Road; $213,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jason Earl Lyons; 138 Mallard Drive; $157,300

Jessie S. Glasser to Luis Felipe Cornejo; 107 Sharpe Drive; $352,000

Richard A. Goldbach to Dennis Hook; 1480 Cherry Grove Road North; $462,100

Frank Lopez to Francis McVean; 486 Collins Road; $225,000

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Wayne Lee Deyette; 3008 Galiceno Court; $317,110

Thomas G. Underwood to David Rascoe; 6753 South Quay Road; $169,000

Kevin L. Wickham to Christopher Leebeck; 302 Silver Poplar Court; $269,500

Rory E. Jansen to Ernest A. Grindle; 2832 Cross Landing Drive; $290,000

Viridian Construction LLC to Elmer Troublefield; 500 Peafowl Court; $434,479

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3101 Whaleyville Blvd.; $200,345.72

Lynn B. Taylor to Lasir LLC; 600 W. Washington St.; $190,000

Virginia E. Fisher to Stephen Ives Bruce; 801 Craig Drive; $308,000

Marcia C. Burden to Shawn A. Vernon; 2000 Nicklaus Drive; $210,000

Fannie Mae to Vernon W. Perry; 2337 E. Washington St.; $92,900

Meagan I. Gillcrist to Brandon T. Mejias; 9084 Eclipse Drive; $165,000

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC; 3434 Raintree Circle; $138,100

Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to James R. Brooks; 3434 Raintree Circle; $230,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Austin J. Sergeant; 129 Clay St.; $139,900

Quality Home Construction LLC to Richard Weigel; 5616 Persons St.; $203,859

HC34 LLC to Carlos M. Rivera; 700 Lake Meade Drive; $320,000

Justin T. Bush to Robert Lee Slingluff; 1496 Bridge Point Trail East; $425,000

Annette P. Barnes to Angelique Davis; 199 Squire Reach; $138,000

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Andrew K. Chow; 6710 Peanut Drive; $30,000

HG Suffolk Land I LLC to REM Holdings LLC; 6525 Ferry Point Road; $315,000

Shawn D. Palmer to Michael S. Westerveld; 1603 River Creek Landing; $195,000

Patrick E. McGlynn to Robert G. Laverty; 1752 Pike St.; $377,000

Al B. Smith to First Extended Service Corp.; 4456 Winona Trail; $194,500

Sarah Leigh Worrell to Ronald H. Whitehead; 1500 Glen Haven Drive; $35,500

1732 Airport Road LLC to James H. Durden; 1735 Airport Road; $30,000

Marcia L. Schomburg to Autumn E. Mongold; 4061 White Marsh Road; $155,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Eric Delisio; 6305 North Oaken Gate Drive; $317,700

Kings Fork LLC to Walter L. Dixon; 1001 Quarter Horse Lane; $108,500

Bryan R. McDonald to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; $425,007.65

Bradley R. Whitley to Patrick Humphries; 168 Kings Highway; $200,500

Peter L. Findlay to Ona J. Lemoine; 131 Winterview Drive; $458,900

Gerardo B. Navarrete to Everett A. Bond; 205 Eagles Nest Trace; $506,800

Ronald P. James to Allan E. Royer; 1440 White Marsh Road; $88,000

Vivian Lee Sullivan to Billy J. Chambers; 538 Kings Fork Road; $228,000

Nancy L. Meeks to Matthew Bullard; 1093 Greenway Road; $299,900

James Hinton Tomlin to Morris H. Glover; 6106 Trumpet Drive; $150,000

Lonnie J. Hodges to William Beeamon; Hickorywood Drive; $69,500

Mortgage Equity Conversion Assets to Anthony Edward Davis; 627 Battery Ave.; $43,001

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Todd S. Howard; 3003 Ravine Gap; $277,416

Brandon Simpson to Albert Bruce Mercer; 1440 Shellito Lane; $335,000

Craig L. Rascoe to Collins Family Associates LLC; 4625 Hardy Drive; $116,400

William B. Mathis to Bank of New York Mellon; 100 Saint Andrews Drive; $290,019.76

Dodie H. Antal to James W. Riddick; 8031 Whaleyville Blvd.; $42,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Donald C. Wilson; 127 Ashford Drive; $145,000

Rawhi Mohammad to Sean Lacy; 122 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $175,000

Eugene W. Wilkins to Willie Wilkins; lot designated as 13A-Q 23 in Pughsville; $14,000

Legend Homes LLC to Anastasia C. Lara; 1101 Hawk Lane; $105,000

Michael Tench to Robert L. Downs; 497 Glen Haven Drive; $219,000

Carolyn Winborne James to Mamie Vaughan; 123 Woodrow Ave.; $40,800

Adam E. Whitehead to Adam S. Kovalik; 125 Sharpe Drive; $346,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Samuel Ofosuhene; 3116 Stonecreek Drive; $277,800