Yoga transforms mind, body and spirit

Published 7:34 pm Saturday, October 17, 2015

Internationally recognized yoga teacher Kathryn Budig says that practicing and instructing others in the long-revered art of yoga has enriched her life, enhanced the lives of others and earned her respect as an entrepreneurial leader. Author, instructor, motivator, community activist and teacher on YogaGlo. Budig is also a face for Under Armour. She was recently recognized as one of Ford’s Warriors in Pink for her commitment to breast cancer awareness.

With a philosophy of “Aim True” as her guiding principle, Budig has also found a branding that reflects her experience, expertise and innovative approach to promoting the benefits of yoga. “Aim True is my ability to embrace my talents and passions, knowing that not everyone will agree or support me, but when I overcome my fears and stay true to my calling, I always hit my mark,” she emphasized. “The physical aspect of yoga helps me to burn through my distractions and the stress that I hold in my body. The meditation aspect helps to clear the cobwebs from my mind, so I can see what’s actually going on. Combined, they feed my spirit.”

The glowing yoga teacher was not always as strong and rooted in her direction, however. “I grew up in a household where my father brought home the bacon and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. Don’t get me wrong, she was and still is a total powerhouse, but I saw my father go after his career dreams with gusto,” she reflected. “I had plenty of dreams myself, but looking back, I don’t think I believed in my ability to achieve them. Later, I went through a painful break-up with a boyfriend who was really successful. That lit a fire under my tush. I saw him making all of his dreams come true, and I was so ticked about the break-up that I pushed myself to do even better. I know it wasn’t exactly the healthiest approach, but I am so grateful to him for inspiring me to reach my fullest potential. From that day forward I was on fire.”

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While a romantic break up sparked her fire, Budig credits life-long inspiration from her father. “He taught me that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. He’s the most proficient maker of magic I know,” she said.

A University of Virginia graduate in English and Theatre, Budig has enchanted others with on-stage performances. “I acted from the time I was 11 to around 22,” she explained. “I loved slipping into other characters, especially the crazy larger-than-life ones. My favorite roles were playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret and Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. They’re both so tragic yet magnetic. I’ve always enjoyed these multi-faceted types of characters. The ones you love to hate, but deep down you probably want to give them a hug.

“I always had my hands in several different cookie jars when it came to my interests,” she continued. “I was a tomboy who liked to sing on stage but could be painfully shy in real life. In college I learned the art of balancing hard work, studies and having a really good time with friends. I didn’t find true balance until I started practicing yoga and focusing on nutrition.”

Work hard, but relax just as intently is Budig’s formula for a balanced life. “My life is a beautiful blend of creativity in my workspace with cooking for my family, relaxing with my dogs and having quality time with my husband and friends. I remind myself that I can’t perform well in the workspace if I don’t maintain my personal relationships and give myself the daily opportunity to re-charge.”

As an ambassador for Warriors in Pink, Budig shares breast cancer messages with all of her audiences. “Education and awareness is the most important thing women need to know about breast cancer,” she said. “Women need to take their health into their own hands and be proactive. See your gynecologist regularly, do monthly self-breast exams, be aware of the ingredients in your food and the products that you use.”

When Budig is not traveling, presenting a motivational seminar, working on her next book or filming a session for, you may find her cozying up on the sofa with her husband (professional skydiver Bob Crossman) and their four dogs. “We have a house covered in hair, but wouldn’t change a thing. We both find dogs to be the closest thing to pure bliss, and that’s why I co-founded Poses for Paws, my project that raises money for various shelters and organizations that we admire through yoga events and products.”