No more ‘gun-free zones’

Published 9:52 pm Monday, October 26, 2015

To the editor:

School shootings have been a huge problem in our country. Several precautions have been taken to prevent these tragedies. One precaution is “gun-free zones” that schools have set up.

I believe this precaution does not help protect schools. Such zones actually aid the criminals and psychopaths in the murders of our children. Criminals obviously do not care what laws exist. The only people who follow these rules are the victims and bystanders themselves.

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If an innocent bystander were to have a concealed firearm in his or her possession during an attack, then that bystander and others would be able to stop the criminal before many lives were taken or even before a shooting happened.

My proposal is to remove these bans and allow people to own guns on school campuses. Because Americans more than 200 years ago often had firearms in their immediate possession, they were able to ward off the British threat in their cities and did a great deal in winning the independence and freedom that we enjoy today.

Robert Williams