First Citizen ‘overwhelmed’ by honor

Published 10:06 pm Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To the editor:

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the many people who helped with making the First Citizen’s Banquet last week the “event of a lifetime” for me and, of course, to the Suffolk and North Suffolk Rotary clubs for choosing me as this year’s recipient.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed with incredibly kind congratulatory responses from so many people through texts, emails, notes, letters, calls and personal visits, and there is no way I can ever adequately express my appreciation to so many people in this city and elsewhere!


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With total humility, I accepted that award during last Thursday’s event at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts.

When I look at the names of the 55 other recipients since 1956, and having lived here all my life and either knowing them personally or knowing “about” them from my Suffolk ties, I realize even more what an honor I have been given, and that honor will always be a huge part of my life the rest of the days I have on this earth.

I also realize I have been blessed beyond measure with being born, reared and having my real estate career here, and I realize how blessed I was when my dad decided to start Chorey Motors Inc., a Dodge-Chrysler dealership, here in 1938 on West Washington Street.

My roots were planted in Suffolk by my dad, and I shall always be grateful for that decision he made almost 80 years ago.

Finally, I want to thank the citizens of Suffolk, whose population is growing exponentially each year, for deciding to come here, to live here, to work here and to rear their families here. They made a wise choice and one that I believe they’ll never regret.

Thanks to each of you!

Billy Chorey Sr.