Replace rude postal clerk

Published 8:50 pm Monday, December 7, 2015

To the editor:

On Dec. 4, I was a customer at the Main Street Post Office in Suffolk, along with four others.

I observed an elderly lady trying to explain a situation concerning some type of fee that she and other members of her family didn’t know about, since everything had been in her father’s name and he had recently passed away.

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The lady tried her best to explain to the postal clerk what had happened. Instead of listening, the clerk became very disrespectful, rude, offensive, obnoxious and extremely annoying. Furthermore, the clerk’s negative attitude was displayed in the presence of other customers in the post office.

I have had an unpleasant encounter with this clerk myself, and I believe the clerk should be terminated and replaced by someone who can show and give respect to all customers.

People wonder why people can’t get along with other people — it’s because of people like this clerk.

The lady who was in line next waited to go to the clerk who was assisting me, because she didn’t want to deal with someone as disrespectful as the first clerk had been to the other customer.

If it weren’t for the customers, this clerk would not have a job. The postal service should take immediate action to remedy this situation.

Bernard M. Wright Sr.