Mr. Peanut

Published 6:49 pm Saturday, December 12, 2015

A crafty old soul picked a century ago

Who stood proud for a cause from his head to his toe

A gentleman’s manner he would forever display

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From the time of his seeding to his ripe age today

Standing tall with his top hat and distinguished black cane

Donning a smile always friendly and never one vain

With his monocle, spats and white gloves he was rare

Like the hard working Virginians whose heritage he’d share

He showed vast opportunity and became very dear

As “peanut born and peanut bred” became the Suffolk High cheer

Amedeo Obici from Planters whose jobs changed the game

With a city so grateful its babies saw light under his name

So let’s have three cheers for Mr. Peanut, a stately mascot for sure

And a hero to so many seeking the way to endure

— Thomas J. Kelly