Land Transfers for Dec. 18-31

Published 5:45 pm Saturday, January 2, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Dec. 18-31

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Ruben I. Benders; 119 Jaclyn Drive; $282,400

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Sadler Building Corporation to Paul J. Stirling; 4308 Edgewater Lane; $395,857

Suffolk Pentecostal Holiness Church to Benjamin L. Varney; 108 Kilby Shores Drive; $195,000

Kenneth Alvarado Vega to Paul J. Belcher; 102 Ruger Court; $351,700

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Siddharth K. Bhende; 4112 River Park Drive; $190,000

Lawrence A. Romaine to Kenneth E. Jones; 1489 Elderberry Road; $295,000

Barbara J. Darden to Sean L. Powell; 9117 S. Quay Road; $163,000

Charles F. Fortune to Larry D. Bales; 104 Snire Arch; $300,000

Valerie L. Newman to Tymar LLC; 4104 Berwyn Way; $40,000

Susan Diane Parker Adams to Charles E. Parker; 5049 Deer Forest Road; $140,000

Bruce C. Kidd to Dameion Meikle; 215 Jouster Way; $212,000

Harbourview Partners to Children’s Real Estate LLC; 7150 Harbour Towne Parkway; $3,523,000

Dorothy A. Bowman-Toner to Amber A. Williams; 6005 Rollingwood St.; $188,000

Kimberly M. Curling to Armistead Forest 1 LLC; 6220 Apple St.; $135,600

Moody Homes at Lake Meade LLC to Rhonda B. Dugue; 3013 Fox Run Place; $309,900

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Wendy W. Hicks; 103 Jaclyn Drive; $286,653

Joseph P. Gyoker to Johnathan W. Noak; 1013 Meadows Reach Circle; $273,000

Paul Roberts to Brian E. Outlaw; 256 Copeland Road; $200,000

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Jackie P. Garland; 939-C Vineyard Place; $238,950

Napolitano VII LLC to Terry W. Smith; 366 Bob White Parkway; $425,160

Wirth Holdings LLC to Brian K. Hudson; 4001 Michael Drive; $388,863

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Robert F. Duncan; 5240 Moreland St.; $203,000

June D. Gibbs to SLH Properties LLC; property located on Greenway Road; $285,000

David J. Feske to Wirth Holdings LLC: 4112 Berwyn Way; $30,000

The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to David F. Green; 690 Bennetts Meadow lane; $296,120

Current Homes LLC to Logan Morris; 2417 Cherry Blossom Drive; $225,000

Fannie Mae to Corey G. Vinson; 2009 Ketches Court; $375,500

Caroline J. Leggett to Quentin L. Lawrence; 4612 Hardy Court; $134,000

Patricia J. Von Diemar to Norman Keene Marsh; 1832 Holland Road; $351,100

ACS Fairgrounds LLC to Isaac I. Higgs; 1070 Fairgrounds Lane; $183,740

ACS Fairgrounds LLC to Alexandra G. Procopi; 1020 Fairgrounds Lane; $192,900

Margaret J. Lockhart to Amber Lynn Walton; 124 Mallard Drive; $153,100

David A. Sokol to N.P. Dodge; 3310 Rivers Bend Place; $637,900

David A. Sokol to N.P. Dodge; 3310 Rivers Bend Place; $637,900

John B. Perrel to Hassel E. Perrel; lot 4 at the Coves at Lake Prince; $225,000

Elizabeth A. Holland to Michael Hamilton; 554 Glen Haven Drive; $315,300

Jacqueline D. Easley to Andrea Easley; 6105 Hunters Court; $135,000

Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Delia A. Phelps; 3711 Willow Glenn Circle; $425,181.38

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Yamahi Jumanah; 2007 Quarter Horse Lane; $347,860

John R. Bilbrey to Leslie Roberson; 1314 Pheasant Circle; $250,000

Larry W. Gabe to Richard B. Hurst; 3062 Kempton Park Road; $297,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to James Chandler; 2151 Redgate Drive; $266,125

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 3608 Pasture Cove; $10

Moody Homes at Lake Meade Estates to Ralph E. Robinson; 2035 Sweetwood Drive; $299,500

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Samuel W. Crawford; 5085 Townpoint Road; $299,900

Cygnus Riverclub LLC to Riverclub VA LLC; 3001 Bob White Lane; $4,750,000

Theodore F. Fieldds to Debrah Jean Finney; 407 Elizabeth St.; $121,500

Current Homes LLC to Mikela T. Rock; 133 Ashford Drive; $233,000

Floyd E. Scarrow to Leon E. Wilde; 1457 Manning Road; $180,700

Star Creek LLC to Sadler Building Corp.; 4307 Edgewater Lane; $90,000

Sherylon L. Nelson to Patrick William Brinkman; 133 Kennet Drive; $268,900

Michael R. Meyer to William J. Wren; 2012 Soundings Crescent Court; $310,905

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Afton Properties LLC; 555 Osceola Ave.; $90,000

Brian A. Helms to Timothy C. Williams; 400 Appaloosa Court; $415,000

Jonathan I. Moore to Jasahn Q. Brown; 322 Greenfield Crescent; $139,200

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Brittany Y. Bailey; 6031 Rollingwood St.; $140,000

A.J. Potter Investments LLC to Debra Ann Mulder; 104 Prescott Court; $290,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Melissa A. Tolbert; 3616 Nansemond Parkway; $128,700

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Mark S. Lenassi; 316 Ford Drive; $339,463

Epps LLC to DSIG LLC; 125 Brewer Ave.; $90,000

Linwood Smallwood to Daniels Construction Corp.; .26 acres on Park Way; $18,000

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Direct Resolutions; 517 Ocklawaha Ave.; $100,500

Bank of Hampton Roads to Goodman Developers Inc.; 729 Hosier Road; $20,000

Bank of Hampton Roads to Goodman Developers Inc.; 711 Factory St.; $20,000

Harvey Thomas Langford to Karen R. Fisher; 3342 Mintonville Point; $398,500

Krista Diane Hoover to Kaleb E. Hanna; 3648 Carolina Road; $255,500

Charles S. Cockrell to Jeffrey L. Thompson; 106 Watch Harbour Court; $525,000

Longstreet Title LLC to Cedar Homes LLC; 203 Millwheel Court; $176,400

Olga Villacres to Jennifer L. Helm; 648 Carolina Road; $100,000

Adekunle B. Ogunyemi to Marlana B. Richardson; 116 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $199,500

Saddlebrook Homes LLC to Sean Galson; 4006 Appaloosa Court; $327,500

Denise R. O’Sullivan to Joyce J. Gatling; 5104 Stonewall Court; $385,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bradshaw Enterprises LLC; 912 Delaware Ave.; $178,400

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Paul Jodun; 216 Clay St.; $95,000

Daniels C. Byrnes to Adam J. Rogers; 8932 River Crescent; $449,000

Marvin D. Windslow to Bethlehem Christian Church Inc.; 306 Pitchkettle Road; $10,955.76

B.C. Branch Real Estate LLC to Bethlehem Christian Church; 304 Pitchkettle Road; $11,544.24

Matthew J. Cleary to Robert Jewell; 5041 Huntclub Chase; $224,000

Lavonda M. Johnson to Corretta M. Johnson; 130 Wexford Drive E; $110,000