Neighbors join efforts to save a horse

Published 7:38 pm Saturday, January 2, 2016

To the editor:


I wanted to write you this morning to tell you about how our community came together to care for a loose horse walking along Carolina Road in Suffolk.

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Obviously things could have ended much worse as this was no small animal.

Normally I enjoy my serene ride home gazing at the horses in their fog-laden fields, grazing as the sun begins to shine. This morning was surprisingly different.

At about 7:45 a.m., I encountered a sweet horse that had escaped its pasture near Carolina Road and made a getaway. I was traveling south toward North Carolina, on my way home from work, when I saw two vehicles slowly approaching in the northbound lane.

At first it was difficult to identify, but as I got closer I saw a small chestnut mare slowly walking down the middle of the lane. Having nothing on hand but my scarf, I was able to catch her with the help of two gracious passersby.

A rope-and-scarf halter was conjured up, and soon two Suffolk police officers arrived. They were unsure of whose horse it was or where to take her while we searched for her owner.

Two local horse lovers quickly responded, offering a halter and trailer. A bag of horse feed was used to keep the mare preoccupied, and with the help of the officers we made plans to take her to my home while we waited for the owners to contact either the police department or animal control.

Thankfully, only a few minutes later, the owner arrived — ecstatic to have found the horse uninjured.

It is great to know that our community and our officers are willing to go the extra mile for even our four-legged citizens. I would like to thank Frank Rilee, Gail Montgomery, the two Suffolk Police officers, and the many gracious passersby who helped by bringing supplies, moving cars out of the road and lending a helping hand.

The pony mare was safely returned home thanks to all involved.


Colleen Rawls