A perfect shot

Published 2:52 pm Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Michael Barnes' "pin-up girl," Lois Little, takes a shot at the Chuckatuck Turkey Shoot.

Michael Barnes’ “pin-up girl,” Lois Little, takes a shot at the Chuckatuck Turkey Shoot.

To the editor:

The “membership” of Chuckatuck Country Club salutes you for composing and publishing an absolutely perfect story about who we are and what we do (“A real turkey shoot,” November/December 2015).

Most everyone likes a little publicity now and then, and we are no exception. Quite a few have been out to the shoot and nosed around, and then wrote a piece that made it to print. None ever got it right. Simple as that.

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You, sir, on the other hand, nailed it, and we (Sharon, myself and the entire membership) can’t thank you enough. These days, I am not often a big fan of journalists as a group, but you have a talent that has been honed over the years and captured the grit, the details, and the feel of a crowd. Everyone said it was by far the best piece ever done and your photography was amazing.

Our friend Skip (retired Air Force Pilot and Corvette owner) was the older gentleman you featured firing his shotgun with the ejected shell flying off to his right. He saw plenty of excitement in his career (including flying Hurricane Hunters), but he looked like a kid that just got his first BB gun when he saw your fine work. He was tickled pink and couldn’t wait to get his copy!

And finally, my personal thanks for making my pin-up girl, Lois, your Centerfold. She got home from a hard day at work Friday, and squealed like a little pig when she saw that she is now a “centerfold girl.” I always knew she was. Of course she quickly pointed out that her hair was a mess, and I said it was the first thing I noticed and thought it looked great.

Just like your fine story on the Chuckatuck Turkey Shoot — I thought it looked great.

Michael Barnes

Chuckatuck Turkey Shoot