Q&A with Dr. Carletta Perry: Men’s wealth

Published 8:57 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Q. I want to know how much a man’s financial status improves his level of attractiveness.

A. Hello and thank you for your question. I get the feeling you already have some experience in this area, but you just want to hear what I have to say.

Well, here are my two cents on the matter. I believe that for some women it does improve the level of attractiveness, but as I always tell the guys, don’t flash it if you don’t want a gold digger, or someone who mostly wants to be with you because of your bank account.

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People are going to be attracted to you by what you put out there. If you are constantly flashing your money, expensive jewelry, shiny cars or expensive gifts, you are likely to attract people who like flashy, shiny and expensive things.

This does not guarantee you will attract more women or that your financial status will improve your level of attractiveness. Rather, you are just likely to attract more of the same type of people, which makes it seem like all women are gold diggers. No, just the ones you are attracting. You get what you put out.

Another concern I want to address is men who pull out a $100 bill wrapped around $1 bills to impress a woman. You cannot get mad when all she wants to do is shop. She believes you can afford it.

She is being herself. Are you?

Let people see the real you so you attract people who like you for you!

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