Suffolk should pursue downtown college

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To the editor:

From the basics of gardening to the intricacies of medical science, education is essential to one’s ability to master his or her vocation. Education is of the utmost importance in every facet of life. Do we not seek the counsel of educated, credentialed professionals? Is there any question that the world thrives because of the educated?

From the federal government to the nuclear family, the value of education remains constant. That’s why it’s surprising that our great city has not tapped deeper into the benefits of offering its citizens an avenue into the realm of higher education.

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The city is growing, yet it still has room for growth, especially in regard to higher education. I applaud the Friends of Suffolk group for making the move to bring such an important issue before the city.

Many of the theological institutions of this city prove that citizens will cross city and even state lines to take advantage of educational opportunities here in Suffolk. Institutions like Kingdom Life Ministries Bible Institute, Testament Bible Institute and the W.P. Wiggins Bible Institute all have or have had students willing to travel to Suffolk for higher education.

These are private institutions, but imagine if the city made a college or even a university more accessible to its citizens and the citizens of surrounding areas.

I think Suffolk would do well to seriously consider the petition of the group Friends of Suffolk. A group that would suggest something like this downtown college campus concept could very well prove to be friends indeed.

Delano Calvin