Suffolk roads are dissatisfactory

Published 8:23 pm Friday, February 12, 2016

To the editor:

Now I know why Suffolk is so surprising. It’s the roads!

Here’s the road we people from the eastern part of North Carolina complain the most about: Highway 32 (Carolina Road), going north or south — the whole road.

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A four-mile part of it was fixed two years ago, but the other part — five and a half miles — is just plain disgusting.

This road is so torn up, it is just outrageous. There are big holes, small holes, torn up places, dips and bumps and terrible patches here, there and everywhere.

This road is very dangerous and just plain terrible. Suffolk is a disgrace because of its disgusting roads. We call it a “Suffolk history of bad roads.” We can tell by your roads that we are in Suffolk.

Why does Suffolk let the roads stay in this outrageous condition year after year, especially on Highway 32, but also on other roads? Why can’t we folks from North Carolina have good roads to travel on to Suffolk to spend our money, instead of these terrible roads?

Highway 32 is just crumbling away and really a dangerous road. Wake up, Suffolk!

Tom Braswell

Corapeake, N.C.