Thank your pharmacist today

Published 8:50 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To the editor:

Automatic prescription renewal makes things easy. Just pick it up when you’re informed it’s ready. And purchasing over-the-counter medicines from a large selection is a shopper’s delight.

But what happens if your pharmacist takes note of your second round of the same over-the-counter medicine and asks why you need more?

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My pharmacist, Vic, at Rite Aid, questioned my need for another dose of an OTC. He advised me to take only one more round, and if I did not get results within a few hours, to call the doctor and tell him I needed to be seen.

That is exactly what I did. A doctor found my problem and sent me on to a surgeon. Before I left his office, the doctor asked me to tell my pharmacist, “Good call!”

On filling your next prescription, take a moment to thank your pharmacist for his advice and encouragement. They do not set policy or prices. They are professionals who are there to serve you and foster your good health.

Mary Hart Darden