Land transfers for March 25-31

Published 7:25 pm Saturday, April 2, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


March 25-31

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Parker Crossing LLC to Gregory J. Pawlowski; 2858 Cross Landing Drive; $291,600

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen D. Williams; 6752 S. Quay Road; $119,900

North Liberty Spring Road #633 Trust to Richard Clinton Clarke; 633 N. Liberty Spring Road; $201,400

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Azeez Felder; 5079 Kings Grant Circle; $283,975

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Joanne E. Mullen; 811 Gittings St.; $228,500

Timothy D. Sluss to Susan E. Geller; 4755 Deer Forest Road; $455,000

William C. Sawyer to Joshua A. Daughtrey; 240 Barnes Road; $304,300

Angela May Armbruster to Ryan P. Ricks; 3403 Princeview Drive; $194,900

Cheryl Cottle, trustee, to Curstin Bayse Zydron; 5120 Warrington Drive; $190,200

Ramin Tolouian to David F. Host Jr.; 5110 Mariners Cove; $801,500

SNB Homes LLC to Edward Jerome Myers; 101 Count Crescent; $274,000

Carlos R. Lewis to Anthony D. Edwards; 542 Second Ave.; $258,000

D&B Properties Inc. to Wilbur Windell Lewis; 200 River Inlet Road; $314,000

Billy C. Britt to Nevin D. Stevens; 220 Abingdon Circle; $175,000

Michael Davis Jennifer L. Leynes; 117 Rochdale Lane; $262,500

D&B Properties Inc. to Michael D. Totten; 8784 Adams Drive; $329,900

C.F. Partnership to Christopher C. Leitner; 1213 River Road; $200,000

Marvin D. Winslow to Jacob Whitney Oliver; 404 S. Main St.; $57,000

Ernest F. Cooper Jr. to Crittenden Enterprises LLC; 8843 Eclipse Drive; $200,000

Jeffery A. Milota to William S. Lee; 5017 Kelso St.; $297,000

Allon J. Wright to Kenneth A. Coleman III; 317 Canaan Circle; $282,300

Timothy J. Cerny to Meagan L. Krites; 1183 C St.; $185,000

ARLP REO III LLC to James P. Riley Jr.; 2008 Quarter Horse Lane; $285,299

Ashley Associates Inc. to Michael P. Geoghegan; 304 William Penn Lane; $380,000

Daniel A. Healey to David Repking; 366 Canaan Circle; $275,000

BAW Properties Inc. to Melvion F. Knight; 1209 Lake Kennedy Drive; $129,900

Casey O’Neil Gardner to Phillip L. Horst; 1224 River Road; $227,000

Pretlow Jr. Co-administrator to March Swamp Plantation; $735,000

Lillian Christine Thayer Finley to Welner Jr. Saravia; 6728 Hampton Roads Parkway; $179,500

84 Holdings 3 LLC to Pierce Hardy Limited Partnership; $1,920,000

Ainslie Group Inc. to David C. Rowley; 4014 Harvest Reach Lane; $381,848

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 2126 Piedmont Road; $237,021

PNC Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1109 Buoy Court; $134,850

Eduardo A. Cordero to Wells Fargo Bank; 1709 Mill Wood Way; $322,223.31

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 1709 Mill Wood Way; $322,223.31

Brian Rodgers to Paul R. Buckwalter; 8788 Adams Drive; $288,900

Fannie Mae to Jeffery Allen Milota; 215 Wentworth Court; $385,700

Urban Financial of America LLC to John M. DeMaar; 2604 Riddick Drive; $129,300

Omega Investment Property LLC to Webster L. Parker Sr.; 1122 Portsmouth Blvd.; $178,900

Kevin Stansick to James H. Durden Jr.; 2001 Airport Road; $30,000

Jimmy F. Ball Jr. to Linda H. Culpepper; 408 Waters Edge Lane; $148,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Katherine M. Donovan; 907 Teton Circle; $93,000

Carlos E. Olivero Sanchez to Kara M. Goodman; 101 Emerald Court; $245,000

Harold Mobley to Milton Branch Jr.; 5047 Riverfront Drive; $530,000

G. Elliott Cobb Jr., executor, to Amanda Lynn Crumpler; 6780 Holy Neck Road; $110,700

Joseph A. Brooks to Angela A. Zamorayarleque; 315 W. Constance Road #309; $235,000

Gregory A. Washington to Michael D. Brueseke; 131 Hawks Nest Lane; $342,000

Napolitano VII LLC to Terence L. Whitlock Sr.; 406 Quaker Ridge Court; $420,800

Autery D. Randle to Junius O. Warren; 178 Graystone Trace; $203,600

Custom Builders Express LLC to Elizabeth R. Polson; 3585 Indian Trail; $209,175

Eric M. Payntar to Indigo Properties 1 LLC; 204 Dumville Lane; $10