Keep up the good work, SNH

Published 9:25 pm Wednesday, April 13, 2016

To the editor:

I wish to congratulate the Suffolk News-Herald and its fine staff for all the accolades they received at the Virginia Press Associations’ program last week.

It looks like our paper received 21 separate awards. I cannot imagine all the work, time, effort, and stress that must be involved in the publication of a daily paper. I do know the tensions and stresses we in the real estate business face every day, and I suspect those are topped by the newspaper business.

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This city is blessed to have this paper, and with the leadership of John Carr, Res Spears, Steve Stewart, and their incredibly talented staff of Tracy Agnew, Allison Williams and others. And the paper has exponentially increased its circulation after becoming a “free paper to the public,” an idea that at the time, I personally thought was “unimaginably crazy.”

Thank you friends, for all you do. Speaking as just one of your many readers, I personally appreciate what you have done, are doing and will continue do for the commonwealth’s largest city, our beloved hometown of Suffolk.

Keep up the good job you are so competently doing. Now get back to work! You have yet another deadline to meet tomorrow.

Billy Chorey