Police hold annual awards

Published 7:57 pm Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Suffolk Police Department held its annual awards ceremony and banquet on Tuesday, March 22, at the Planter’s Club.

The event serves to honor and recognize sworn and non-sworn members of the Department as well as citizens who have contributed to the success of the department and the service provided to the Suffolk community.

Special recognitions were presented for the Emergency Communications Operator of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Police Officer of the Year and Civilian Employee of the Year.

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Suffolk Police Department Emergency Communications Operator Brandee Curl was awarded Emergency Communications Operator of the Year.

Curl goes beyond her duties to make sure that all of the new hires are equipped with their training manuals before they start work and consistently makes sure that all paperwork needed for a trainer is up to date and ready for use for all training operators, according to a city press release. She serves as a senior dispatcher in the absence of the shift supervisor and also serves as a Reverse 911 operator and communications training operator.

On Sept. 9, 2015, Curl was the primary dispatcher for a suspicious vehicle that later turned into a vehicle pursuit. The suspect led Suffolk police officers throughout the entire city and into Chesapeake and eventually back into Suffolk where the offender stopped. Curl remained calm through the entire incident, keeping all responding officers informed of the location of the offender, even after leaving the city, according to the press release.

Once the suspect stopped, Curl remained in radio contact with the patrol officers and made sure each of them was safe. Once other responders were requested, Curl was very clear and relayed all information to the other dispatchers ensuring they knew what was being requested on scene. Curl relayed pertinent information to all of uniform patrol on this incident and kept her coworkers updated on the call.

Suffolk Police Department Detective Sergeant Timothy Cooper was named the Supervisor of the Year. He has been assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as a first line supervisor for five years. During this time, he has overseen both the property and violent crime sections within the Detective Bureau. Throughout 2015, Cooper trained numerous detectives and officers alike in several classes for which he is the instructor, including Major Crime Scenes, Interview and Interrogation, and Incident Based Reporting. These classes are an essential need for officers to carry out their normal duties, as well as they give insight into how to properly investigate all incidents in which they may encounter on a daily basis.

Cooper was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division on Nov. 15, 2010. Since his time as a supervisor within the Detective Bureau, Cooper has worked with many units to include Uniform Patrol, NET Team, SIU and administration. Cooper has maintained a very professional rapport with all the units and when called on always shows respect to not only senior members of the Department, but also those who have only been with the Department for a short period of time, according to the press release. Cooper demonstrates professional conduct and behavior with all people he comes into contact with and is willing to think outside of the box. Cooper maintains standards and training from past experiences that enables him to make sound decisions.

Cooper currently supervises the Violent Crimes Unit within the Detective Bureau. These cases are consistently high profile, not only as it relates to the media but also how it impacts the community as a whole. In two recent cases, Cooper has handled these cases expertly and has shown dignity and respect for the victims and family. He has also served as the sole point of contact with the family, keeping them updated on the status of the case as well as showing empathy for the victim’s family in their loss. In a recent officer-involved shooting case, Cooper was out of town on vacation when he was notified of the incident and without hesitation immediately made arrangements with his family to head back to work to assist in the investigation and provide direction to the detectives already on scene. Cooper has always shown with his supervision that he is willing and able to put the needs of his unit and department first, according to the press release.

Cooper was recently selected to be the Suffolk Police Department’s representative in a newly formed Hampton Roads Regional Investigative Response Team.

Suffolk Police Department Officer Josie Hall was named the Police Officer of the Year. She has demonstrated superior performance while serving with the Suffolk Police Department, often going above and beyond what is required of her, according to the police department. In 2015, she was honored by Mothers against Drunk Drivers and presented the MADD award for her relentless pursuit of drunk drivers.

In October 2015, Hall worked a theft from motor vehicle involving more than $2,500 in stolen electronics. Her determination in bringing justice for the victim enabled her to track the suspects to Newport News, where the suspects were ultimately located in a stolen vehicle and in possession of the electronics that were stolen from Suffolk. In addition, Hall was also able to lift a latent print off the vehicle that matched the suspects. Her investigation led to the arrest of three suspects, resulting in 39 charges and four victims getting their property returned.

In addition, she along with other officers were able to locate and identify a suspected marijuana grow operation resulting in the seizure of several marijuana plants, peyote, cacti cocaine and ecstasy and the arrest of three offenders, all initiated from a suspicious vehicle.

Hall’s keen eye for detail led her to observing a suspicious person loitering outside a local restaurant near closing time. Her attempt at investigating further caused the subject to flee on foot yet, he did not get far. Hall was able to apprehend the subject, who was ultimately identified as the person of interest in several robberies in Suffolk and an adjoining city

The Police Records Technician Supervisor, Jeanette Robertson, was named as the Civilian Employee of the Year. On a daily basis, Robertson works long hours and ensures that the necessary behind the scenes tasks are properly carried out. This is in addition to supervising the police records technicians at headquarters and Precinct II. Robertson often has to fill in and work the front counter to cover shifts and breaks for central files in addition to her own duties. During the fall of 2015, the Virginia State Police conducted an audit of the department’s VCIN. After the inspection and audit, the Department and Robertson’s superior work and supervision were given high accolades from the State Police. While it normally takes a substantial time to complete, the audit was completed in short order with minimal to no deficiencies noted by the State Police. This is only one example of the superior work overseen or executed by Robertson that keeps the department running smoothly. By giving the department 100 percent effort on a regular basis, Robertson has proven herself as an invaluable employee throughout the year.

Life Saving Awards:

  • Lieutenant John Meston
  • Officer Cheryl Abrigo
  • Officer Samantha Blake
  • Officer James Brooks
  • Officer Christina Jaramillo
  • Officer Hector Rosario
  • Officer Michael Wingate

Police Officer of the Quarter:

  • Officer Jose Rivera, First Quarter
  • Officer Daniel Ranger, Third Quarter
  • Officer Josie Hall, Fourth Quarter

Citizen Awards:

  • Lizzie G. Artis
  • Cindy Butts
  • Cleve Butts
  • Gail Card
  • Thomas Dingle
  • Wendy Dingle
  • Quinton Franklin
  • Karen Langston
  • Richard Pallette Jr.
  • Christy Phillips
  • Kathy Richards
  • Michael Simpson
  • Cynthia Tong

Department Commendations:

  • Sergeant Timothy Cooper
  • Sergeant James Sobers (3)
  • MPO Christopher Butler
  • MPO Sherry Fellers
  • MPO Duffie McLamb
  • MPO Tyson Wild (2)
  • Investigator Ryan Linville (2)
  • Detective Matthew Faubion
  • Detective Alex Johnson (3)
  • Detective Heather Linville
  • Detective Casey Thomas (2)
  • Detective Lydia Thompson
  • Detective Joyce Williams
  • SPO Benjamin DeLugo
  • SPO Brian Hearn
  • Officer Daniel Ferster (2)
  • Officer Josie Hall (3)
  • Officer Shelly Koziana
  • Officer Daniel Ranger
  • Officer June Raymond
  • ECO Carlos Gonzalez Jr.
  • ASM Laurie Brittle
  • CSI Mary Delugo (2)
  • CSI Shane Everett
  • Joel Howard
  • Amanda Lopez (2)
  • Amanda Morean
  • Richard Vroman

Noteworthy Performance Awards:

  • Captain James Buie
  • Captain Timothy Smith
  • Lieutenant Mark Erie
  • Lieutenant John McCarley (2)
  • Lieutenant John Meston
  • Lieutenant Troy Shelton
  • Sergeant Isaac Lopez
  • Sergeant Jason Lyons
  • Sergeant David Wellford
  • Sergeant Gary Myrick
  • Sergeant Herbert Bruce
  • Sergeant Chad Hooker (2)
  • MPO Kevin Dodson
  • MPO Sherry Fellers
  • MPO Gary Parker
  • MPO Michael Uriah
  • MPO David White
  • MPO Willis Williams
  • Investigator Thomas Cain (2)
  • Investigator Wallace Weatherly (2)
  • Investigator Dwayne Wiggins
  • Investigator Ryan Linville
  • Detective Alex Johnson
  • Detective Darnicia Smith
  • SPO Jay Burton
  • SPO John Crombie
  • SPO Brian Hearn
  • SPO Michael Holman
  • SPO Steven Ireland
  • SPO Terri Reynolds
  • SPO Clifton Sessoms
  • Officer Ashley Allen
  • Officer Danielle Anderson (2)
  • Officer Samantha Blake (3)
  • Officer Cedric Boyette
  • Officer Eric Brigham
  • Officer Antonio Diggs
  • Officer Jesse Fede (2)
  • Officer Daniel Ferster (3)
  • Officer Jerry Fowler
  • Officer Josie Hall (3)
  • Officer James Menken
  • Officer Matthew Moraczewski
  • Officer Anthony Patton (2)
  • Officer Rebecca Penno
  • Officer Daniel Ranger
  • Officer Jose Rivera
  • Officer Ricardo Serrat
  • Officer Khandi Skiba
  • Officer Kenneth Smith
  • Officer Rosario Tuminello (2)
  • Officer Tiffany Valentine
  • Officer Sean Whitaker (2)
  • Officer Michael Wingate
  • Recruit James Capehart
  • Recruit Janel Farmer
  • Recruit Kyle Hall
  • Recruit Corey Hubbard
  • Recruit Paul Powell
  • Recruit William Price
  • Recruit Matthew Schilling
  • Recruit Andrew Schaffer
  • Recruit Trevor Tello
  • Recruit Kyle Valois
  • Aux. Officer Andy Thomas
  • ECO Rachel Gayle
  • ECO Carlos Gonzalez Jr.
  • ECO Katie Gray
  • ECO Gloria Harper
  • ECO Khadejah Middleton
  • ECO Tracy Pierce
  • ECO Robert Shelton
  • ECO Julie Spicer-Eger
  • ACO Rachel Burden (2)
  • ACO Kathleen McLendon
  • ACO Harry White
  • CSI Tonja Thornton
  • Linda Brewer
  • Cindy Meyer
  • Amanda Morean