Land transfers April 29 – May 12

Published 2:48 pm Saturday, May 14, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

April 29 to May 12

TerryPeterson Residential Elevan to Sharon G. Caine; 5042 Kings Grant Circle; $258,310

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Deborah L. Williams to Arie J. Korving; 6512 Harbour Pointe Drive; $600,000

Wharton Construction Co. Inc. to Casa Di Bella Development LLC; 765 Turlington Road; $57,400

Maria V. Turner to Damien M. Hyman; 2028 Regency Drive; $245,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Latrina N. Ragland; 2154 Redgate Drive; $322,900

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to BAW Properties Inc.; 1310 Sierra Drive; $122,000

Edward J. Glasgow to Zachary T. Morgan; 102 Pecks Mills Court; $269,900

Afton Properties LLC to Rodolfo H. Delgado; 555 Osceola Ave.; $175,000

Brian K. Villeroel to Bryce A. Fitzgerald; 6059 Mainsail Lane; $318,000

Robyn L. Slone to Sterling T. Slaughter; 1269 Wilroy Road; $205,000

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Jacob Rice; 6108 Knotts Creek Lane; $270,000

Savvy Investment Properties Inc. to Daniel Youngk; 218 Widgeon Court; $184,000

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to Chhaya Patel; 4116 River Park Drive; $177,500

Marlow Properties LLC to Rusmar LLC; 148 Burnetts Way; $3,053,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Felton Milteer III; 1006 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $305,000

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Melvin Wiggins; 5074 Kings Grant Circle, Unit 206; $288,900

Hearndon Saddlebrook Builders LLC to Gregory S. Syvertson; 3017 Indian Point Road; $314,900

RREF BB-VA CIL LLC to Michelle E. Roper; 315 W. Constance Road Unit 305; $214,500

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 3010 Dawn Lane; $85,600

Anthony A. Maiden to William M. Barish; 112 Eagle Lane; $258,000

U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to MPJ Enterprises LLC; 112 Franklin St.; $180,900

Richard R. Freeman, successor trustee, to Anne Provenzano; 2501 Waters Edge Lane; $204,000

Deborah A. Wolff-Cubells to Warren T. Giepert Jr.; 607 Azalea Court; $254,300

Karen K. Austin to Jason D. Weeks; 0 Lummis Road; $175,000

Charles J. Kelley to Janelle Green; 5017 Breleigh Lane; $226,900

Douglas W. Johnson to Andrew T. Hotaling; 4405 Bruce Farm Drive; $292,000

Rose P. Byrd to Robert E. Howell; 7420 Holy Neck Road; $150,400

Ruth K. Payne to Andrew R. Johansen; 106 Foxcroft Road; $350,000

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Terence D’Almeida; 4198 Pughsville Road; $299,800

Brian S. Duncan to Robert M. Brown; 487 Green Wing Drive; $217,800

Francis Gordon Griffin Jr. to Kelly Housing Group LLC; lot 53 Hunterville; $42,500

Daniels Construction Corp. to Whitney Glover; 1184 Nansemond Parkway; $255,000

Current Homes LLC to Brandon Stewart; 101 Elm Tree Court; $312,000

Diane Alexander to Eric R. Amico; 1500 Elderberry Road; $299,100

Dana M. Winkler to Alton T. Holland; 924A Vineyard Place; $262,500

David J. Perlewitz to Brian S. Garner; 142 Brittany Lane; $325,000

Emmanuel Mercado to Johnathan W. Bagley; 4636 Schooner Blvd.; $205,900

John O. Blanks Sr. to Paul S Bliley; 288 Burnetts Way; $14,744.13

Richard Eytel to Luke R. Chapman; 6073 Mainsail Lane; $295,000

Yujin Zhuang to William E. Babb; 265 Babbtown Road; $53,000

Current Homes LLC to Franklin Dane Pollydore; 251 Jonathans Way; $254,000

Solomons Investment Properties to Curtis Baccus III; 3320 Nansemond Parkway; $239,000

Ronell Nichols to Federal National Mortgage Association; 122 E. Wexford Drive; $121,686.82

Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Steven E. Gaschler; 3211 Gardenia Court; $439,900

Donna A. Adams Jones to Ebony M. Brower; 1235 Lake Kennedy Drive; $108,500

Richard C. Eugenio to Stephanie E. Walker; 6211 Amberly Circle; $237,900

Mark A. Collins to Matthew Trubey; 6222 Glenrose Drive; $237,000

Clara B. Woodley to Thomas Williams, trustee; 412 Linden Ave.; $5,000

Susan J. Kirkpatrick, trustee, to Adam P. Neithercut; 1472 Cedar Creek Lane; $326,300

James P. Williamson to Angela Jones; 1303 Baltic St.; $104,000

Michael M. Hale to Eric Jamison Jones; 3435 Raintree Circle; $420,000

Rory J. Thompson Jr. to Michael Rh Eckstein; 304 Sherwood Drive; $207,400

Rebecca B. Case, co-trustee, to Raymond S. Campbell; 4401 Deer Forest Road; $284,000

Franklin Properties VA LLC to Aaruestate LLC; 1600 Bridge Road; $360,000

Sadler Building Corporation to Gregg A. Fox Jr.; 4245 Capps Creek Drive; $463,197

Dale L. Lansdown Jr. to Cameron B. McDonough; 1300 Manning Road; $330,250

Prentis Place to City of Suffolk; 315 W. Constance Road; $1

Mark A. Cornell to Federal National Mortgage Association; 400 Sherwood Drive; $207,843.38

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Sarah E. Brown; 682 Bennetts Meadow Lane; $284,530

William Magann Jr. to Jamarcus L. Calloway; 5618 Whaleyville Blvd.; $141,700

Chad B. Dunn to Robert L. Brown Jr.; 121 Greenspring Drive; 249,000

Terence Elvin Minor to Thomas Lindsey; 1011 Rosemont Ave. Unit H1; $200,000

Steven M. Derrick to David J. Halley; 103 Jolly Lane; $219,500

Teresa A. Baker to Joseph Yungkans; 109 Dutchland Trail; $225,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Randolph Holland Jr.; 616 Hollywood Ave.; $26,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Critt’s Trucking LLC; 101 Church St.; $800

Margie E. Bland to Angel R. Torres; 6776 Burbage Landing Circle; $365,000

Anthony Oliphant to Anthony D. Bombaugh; 2500 Sportsman Blvd.; $267,100

James R. Darnell to Ronald Kirk Luff II; 308 Applewood Court; $233,100

Kinmik LLC to Bacu Robinson; 536 Chisholm Lane; $148,500

Daniel Guy Crocker to Daniel Ralph Gomez; 525 Kilby Shores Drive; $199,000

Dwight R. Braswell to Peter M. Young; 8036 Clubhouse Drive; $396,250

Christine Philpot to Joseph P. Copeland, trustee; no description given; $67,600

Leroy W. Trotter Jr. to Kenneth D. Noack; 316 Northbrooke Ave.; $209,000

William C. Whitten to James L. Stuart Sr.; 2599 Jackson Road; $179,900

Wesley Doyle Payne III to Thomas J. Scoggins; 3676 Labrador Lane; $305,000

Goodman Developers Inc. to Matthew P. Kleeh; 612 Spruce St.; $190,000

Jason R. White to David Thomas Gilmet; 4116 Berwyn Way; $180,000

Walmart Real Estate Business Trust to Murphy USA Real Estate; .78-acre lot; $497,950.62

Dennis Boudreaux to Mark Svatek; 6808 Overlook Court; $265,000

James H. Durden Jr. to Michele N. Austin; 2611 Washington St.; $174,900

Mary Heir Martin to Christopher R. Harris; 106 Foxworth Circle; $226,125

Jesse W. Boone to Angela Mabalot; 1003 Darlington Court; $292,500

Parker Crossing LLC to Cathy J. Gumtow; 2720 River Watch Drive; $399,900

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC; 3751 Willow Glenn Circle; $194,973.87