Firefighters vs. the police, for fun

Published 11:01 pm Friday, June 3, 2016

Most times when the police department and fire department get together, there’s an emergency or a public safety matter on the line. Tonight at 7 p.m., when employees from the two departments face each other on the King’s Fork High School football field, bragging rights — and a donation to the American Cancer Society — will be at stake.

The annual police-firefighter flag football game is a great time of fellowship for members of the two departments, who normally are working when they’re on the scene together. They have separate jobs in those cases, and there’s not normally a lot of time for making friends. But tonight’s game is an opportunity for them to get to know one another and work together to support a cause that is important to both departments, the cancer society’s Relay for Life.

This is the fifth year the departments will participate in the fundraiser, and its participants are looking forward to continuing the friendly competition they’ve enjoyed for the past four years. For his part, Suffolk Fire Chief Cedric Scott is confident about the outcome. “We are excited about the game and are looking forward to defeating the police department for a good cause,” Scott said this week.

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Police Chief Thomas Bennett didn’t go so far as to predict the outcome, but his officers are no less eager for the matchup. “Our employees look forward to this game each year,” Bennett said. “It gives an opportunity for all of us to raise money for a very worthy cause. This game provides another venue for the police and fire teams to work together to benefit our community.”

Entry donations will support Relay for Life. There’s sure to be a bit of trash-talking, and it’s even more certain the event will prove to be a fun evening for those involved and for the spectators.

We don’t have any favorites, but we’d be willing to bet that whichever team wins the contest will face an even tougher opponent next year, so gloating is not recommended.