Land transfers for May 27 to June 2

Published 6:45 pm Saturday, June 4, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

May 27 to June 2

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Hui Chu Won; 941A Vineyard Place; $229,330

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Thomas B. Wyatt to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 818 Resource Drive; $144,100

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joshua Randolph Spruill; 1109 Buoy Court #1109; $157,800

HSBC Bank USA National Association to Alfredo Lebron Diaz; 1035 Snead Drive; $230,299

United Midwest Savings Bank to Singh Kawaljeet; 212 Oak St.; $79,000

Matthew L. Fultz to William Kautz Jr.; 1832 Monticello View; $190,000

Douglas S. King to Donny L. Mason; 116 S. Broad St.; $127,500

Tony W. Sargent to Navy Federal Credit Union; 4600 Clifton St.; $260,912.97

Barbara Yaeger to Jesse M. Watts; 5016 Kelso St.; $273,000

Timothy A. Luhrs to John C. Finucan; 3014 Bay Shore Lane; $309,900

Clara B. Woodley to Nateson LLC; 411 Linden Ave.; $3,000

Bradley S. Andrews to Christie D. Hicks; 6912 Respass Beach Road; $157,876

Jefferson David Griffin to Justin G. Moore; 5400 Indian Trail; $166,000

Gene L. Thompson to Wesley W. Evans Jr.; 1021 Sawtooth Drive; $299,900

Odd Vinnelrod to Thomas Pooler; 3040 Kempton Park Road; $268,400

John Finucan to John B. Baker; 1923 Governor’s Pointe Drive; $473,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Justin M. Brick; 5022 Breleigh Lane; $233,980

Daniels Construction Corp. to Joseph M. Payne; $257,500

Herbert O. West to ATM LLC; .37 acres in Chuckatuck; $47,600

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 4016 Michael Drive; $88,400

Craig G. Carroll to Steven Jacobs; 2002 Dock Landing Court; $276,200

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Alexander E. Riddick; 3347 Mintonville Point Drive; $389,900

Pitchkettle LLC to John W. Pinner III; 300 Causey Ave.; $145,000

Frank Edward Sheffer to Charles D. Parr Sr.; 514 W. Washington St.; $85,800

U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Justin Chianese; 134 Kennet Drive; $258,500

Ronald Leon Lewter to Energy Star Additions Inc.; 507 Spruce St.; $59,000

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Priscilla Addy; 2239 Humphreys Drive; $185,440

Cedar Homes LLC to Douglas Johnson; 204 Cypress Court; $169,000

TerryPeterson Residential Thirty to Waikiki T. Frazier; 3382 Prices Fork Blvd.; $259,475

Maxine L. Morales to Shawn Arango Ricks; 901 Lakeside Drive; $157,500

Kimberly Carr to Monica L. Taulton; 6300 Orkney Court; $254,900

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Justin R. Rodriguez; 156 Graystone Trace Unit 3; $216,400

Stanley Claud to Bluebird LLC; 109 Raleigh Ave.; $75,500

John Gilbert Williams to Christopher D. Ford; 304 Dock Court; $161,000

Timothy John Jackson to Michael B. Nelson; 322 Saint Brie Drive E.; $280,000

Michael W. McKenzie to Jonathan G. Weeden; 1100 Freeman Mill Road; $179,000

Cedar Homes LLC to Matthew W. Slaughter; 4701 Gates Run Road; $264,900

Elnora Marie Shellito to Jim D. Nelson; 915 Vineyard Place #C; $275,600

Emily W. Clark to Warren R. Carter Jr.; 2103 Gunston Drive; $186,000

Shefco Incorporated to RMPD Inc.; 632 and 634 Mason Ave.; $75,000

Edward A. Beelek III to Jeffrey F. O’Brien; 3002 Willow Ridge Court; $289,900

Molinda M. Chartrand to David L. Bailey; 1521 Woodspath Lane; $399,900

Daniel James Supry to Reginald L. Hardy Jr.; 195 Wexford Drive E.; $115,000

Antwan Tillman to Gaurang R. Patel; 6040 Mainsail Lane; $340,000

Manning Road Trust #623 to John S. Anderson; 660 Manning Road; $75,000

Kathryn McCormick Brooks to Stephen J. Dalhaus; 2300 Silver Charm Circle; $229,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lennie D. Walker; 2009 Smalleys Dam Circle; $275,300

Holland and Farmer Properties LLC to Randall Seavy; 7910 Quince Road; $142,500

Matthew S. Kennedy to German & James LLC; 4302 Edgewater Lane; $94,200

Roger A. Swett to Joseph D. Pipkin; 782 Bennetts Meadow Lane #B Unit 782-B; $242,000

Gary L. Neal to Aaron P. Ritter; 2920 Old Wharf Road; $335,000

U.S. Bank Trust to Adam L. Smoot; 6207 Fieldcrest Court; $250,000

Timothy Scott Buppert to Gregory A. Miles; 1504 Mill Brook Court; $312,500

Evelyn Stuck to Jessica M. Camp; 1533 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $307,000

Luellen Matthews to Justin R. Williams; 109 Grove Ave.; $206,600

Kevin C. Herr to Stewart A. Stout; 5056 Kelso St.; $283,900

D&B Properties Inc. to Scott Briggs Sr.; 2807 Lake Cohoon Point; $425,600

Margaret K. Revell to Clarence L. Felton; 5564 Weatherby Way; $199,900

James Atwell to Nicholas Barton; 112 Hopemont Lane; $167,900

Timothy W. Rigsby to Brett N. Turano; 3602 Traverse Circle; $234,900

Robert M. Plowman to Joseph C. Hodsden; 3462 Raintree Circle; $475,000