Ward the right choice in the 4th

Published 9:24 pm Wednesday, June 8, 2016

To the editor:

In preparation for the 4th District primary, scheduled for June 14, Dr. Ella Ward has articulated very clearly her stand on important challenges existing in the 4th Congressional District.

Her priority legislative agenda includes job creation and economic development through reductions in business taxes; improved education from kindergarten through college; reduction of interest rates on student loans; strong defense and military; increased spending of the nation’s infrastructure; strengthening and protecting Social Security; fighting for more services for veterans and military families; expanding broadband wireless internet to rural areas; and entitlement reforms to better address the needs of low-income citizens.


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Dr. Ward has a proven record of accomplishments as an educator, School Board and City Council member.

Voters in the 4th Congressional District have a critical decision to make. Do they want to be represented by a proven leader like Ella Ward, who lives in the district, or by absent legislators who do not live in the district?

Ward is funded by individual donations from people like you. On the other hand, her rival, Del. Donald McEachin, is funded by the law firm Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the Believe in Virginia political action committee, the Virginia Auto Dealers Association, Dominion, the Virginia Banker’s Association, Altria and the tobacco interests.

If you are primarily interested in protecting big bankers, trial lawyers, auto dealerships and tobacco companies, you should vote for the absent-from-the-district Donald McEachin.

Ella Ward is the only candidate from either the Democratic or the Republican parties who lives in the district, who is an experienced leader and who is un-bossed and un-bought by special interests.

Republican candidates Mike Wade of Henrico County and Jackee Gonzalez of Chesterfield County do not live in the district.

Furthermore, take a look at Dr. Ward’s performance while serving in elected positions. She served on Chesapeake School Board from 2000 to 2006, and today Chesapeake has one of the best school systems in the commonwealth, with all schools being fully accredited. She has also served on Chesapeake City Council from 2006 to present. During her tenure, more than 6,000 jobs have been created, even during the recession.

Ward is a strong advocate for vocational and technical training for the workforce. She knows that small businesses are the keys to strengthening the economy, but to do so, businesses need a trained workforce.

Ella Ward has waged an aggressive, sincere and compassionate grass root campaign, because she cares about you. Let’s send her to Congress. Get out and vote on June 14.

George F. Reed