A reminder for us all

Published 10:22 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Once in a while, we are provided graphic and startling reminders of the potential dangers our emergency responders face every time they put on their uniforms. Thankfully, the reminder we received about this on Sunday morning was just a nudge and not a full-on, devastating shove.

Two Suffolk firefighters were injured while fighting a fire at the Nuts for Wildlife storage facility in the 100 block of County Street around lunchtime on Sunday. Both were treated and released at Sentara Obici Hospital, and neither of their injuries were considered to have been life-threatening. That’s all city officials will say about the matter, citing privacy concerns.

We can say this, however: The situation easily could have been much worse. Suffolk could have lost two brave souls on Sunday, and folks here should recognize and appreciate them — along with their colleagues throughout the city — for the hard, dangerous and unpredictable work they do.

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“We’re high on the Suffolk Fire Department today,” Mat Pope, manager of Nuts for Wildlife, said this week. “The firemen who responded to the call had no serious injuries. We’re happy about that, and everything else can be put back together.”

Amen to that.